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  1. hawghunter001


    Has anybody been on grassy area lately? We were up the first week of Jun and did pretty well lots of trout and nords walleye was a little tough had to keep looking for them they were spotty but some good fish considering the water temp then only about 55 then. Things look to be warming now, so just seeing whats up for our Jul 7 trip?
  2. hawghunter001

    Water Temps

    Has the water temp around Kenora been going up or is staying about the same hasnt been very warm up there I see
  3. Yes weve used them they held up and caught fish but I didnt like the scent frozen was catching more fish
  4. Ive been freezing for a long time tried the dry salt etc My Opinion is putting them in a salt brine heavy salt enough that the water wont absorb anymore you will see it laying in the bottom soak them for about 10 hrs drain them let them dry a little and bag them 2doz in a bag ive had them in a small bait cooler all day thawed and they dont get nasty smelly are good and firm and outfish gulp or fake but not as good as live now some dont freeze as well as others the head on a shiner tends to break up a little thats a silver shiner goldees freeze better rainbows are best river chubs do well also sucker have a tendency to get soft but they are better in this brine solution. There are preserved minnows on the market that work well too but to me it seems about the same as gulp
  5. hawghunter001


    Well I got back last night had a great time got into lakers really good I too left the boat there for future trips and added 1 buddy to the trips and costs were the same if not cheaper when I was on the water I did things different so I wasnt running the 150 gas hog so much tried to find places closer by but the walleye wanted to go to the far ends of the water so we did a lot of trolling on the way back searching out new and exciting spots and it worked I think I got some new great spots for Jul trip. Hey I caught a 4lb smalley that had been tore up by a nord or muskie man what size fish would try to eat that. The bass was opened up to its insides you could see the intestines. I noticed a lot of the resorts were nearly empty but a lot of campers one group that came in where I stayed had gotten all new camping gear and was doing that so they could keep coming up thats not good for resorts without camping one will be hurting and another will do better the way it looks. Hemlock I missed ya but the minnows did well LOL!
  6. hawghunter001


    Heck it wont stop me but I do have to watch the running of the boat a bit that gas guzzzzzler one trip up to the falls and back eats uo 35 gallons good thing over the years ive explored my own areas which arent to far soo im goood to goo I leave in the morning and looking forward to playing with the trout a bit then 3 weeks later I do it again I LOVE IT UP THERE
  7. hawghunter001


    ^6 at the dock ouch I have a 38 gal tank and usually use 1 a day
  8. hawghunter001


    Thank You,Hemlock, I appreciate it, have to make sure I plan the budget right. I met you last summer at the shop hope to see you when we come through this year jun and july this year LUCKY ME get to go twice!!!
  9. hawghunter001


    Just wondering what the prices around Kenora are these days Im going up nomatter what but just wonder if I should morgage the house or not LOL
  10. hawghunter001

    Crawlers in May

    Ive used flatfish and crawlers many times earle in the year and do fantastic, 1/8 on sinker 3ft in front and troll slow.
  11. hawghunter001


    goimg to up the 30th of may Ive heard its been cold so will the lakers still be in the shallows or is it wrming up. does anyone have any info on mark or john lakes?
  12. hawghunter001


    is it ok to put out a small minnow trap in the river you are fishing, theres not any bait available where I go
  13. hawghunter001


    Ya that would be of help wouldnt it, #1 Trout #2 Musky
  14. hawghunter001


    Thinking about getting a guide for Crow Lake the 6,7,th of jul, any body have any recommendations
  15. hawghunter001


    anyone been there this month