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  1. i found a folding chair left out on Marion this morning. i was the first on the ice today at 5:30am...it sat out there overnight. i brought it to shore. a folding chair...really, come on people - i know it's cold, but take your gear with you.
  2. wow...those Erie 'eyes are getting huge - nice catch!
  3. our cabin is close to Brimson...there was about a 1/4" of ice on the lake on Tue morning...we had to motor through it to get back to the landing. it's coming!!!
  4. nothing big...no trophies; but, great mojo, good friends, beer, warm weather, tons of wildlife, and a couple of does. my buddy managed a nice 23" wally, and i found a couple of agates! great weekend...i LOVE this time of year!
  5. i need trees, trees, trees and more trees...please!
  6. my daughter bought me this geode at a rock shop in Ohio last week...pretty sweet!
  7. i started making my own jigs roughly three years ago. i looked into it to save money, but found it to be as expensive as buying them in the store. i guess if i made a ton of them, it would be cheaper. what i experience is that they are fun to make. it's time consuming, but that's part of the fun. every spring/fall, when the ice comes or melts...i make up 30 or 40 and paint them myself. this is also a great time to tumble some of my smaller agates at the same time. i guess it gives me something to do when i can't fish, and it's kinda more rewarding knowing i caught a fish on a jig i made
  8. i'm glad i asked this question because i just learned the difference between rimfire and centerfire. my pistol is a rimfire; therefore, not legal to take with. i also learned the difference of caliber via a chart, and see how a .220 vs. .22 are two completely different worlds. interesting reading and i learned something. thanks guys. i do have to say it is listed very clearly in the regs...i just must have missed it. good to know about the permit to carry, but in my case my handgun is better used as a home protection piece or target rather than giving a deer it's last rights. thanks aga
  9. is .22 caliber legal? i see nothing in the regs; however, i have old stereo instructions that are easier to understand. i most likely will not bring it with, as i want it on my hip under bibs and jacket...sounds like way too much of a hassle.
  10. GlassEyeangler


    is it legal for me to carry a holstered .22 pistol with me in the woods without a conceal and carry? i've never done it before, but recently inherited one. my purpose would be to put an end to a wounded animals life instead of using a .30 30 at close range, or a knife (yuck!).
  11. i too really like the new background, and the idea of using the pics in the photography forum is wonderful. keep up the good work!
  12. get your hands on some wolf urine and sprinkle it around his stand...problem solved!
  13. take a look at the bottom one again...X marks the spot - way too cool. it just hit me yesterday when i was out fishing. when we going up to deer camp, we always sight in our rifles at a huge gravel pit...it was like one of those 'duh' moments! i have never searched for agates in the pile before, but this year will be different! ok, so not sure if you hunt and fish, but if so...you'll appreciate this. we have created goals where we can win money for the following. everyone kicks in $10. winner takes all! Rifle Opener -Land or Sea trophy (shoot a deer or catch a walleye) -Surf n Turf troph
  14. yeah...just got off the lake - no crappies. 7 bass, 3 sunnies, 1 northern 1 tiger musky. weird!
  15. ever notice you are catching dinks during the day, but slabs at night? same bait and presentation...same moon phase...same beer, but no big one's when the sun is up. weird, anyone notice the same thing? they have to be there...but where? i'm curious what you guy do trying to locate the slabs during the daylight hours?
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