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  1. My earliest ice fishing was in the early mid 50's. Used a willow, 6 ft of mono & a tiny gold hook. Used worms we found under bark of tree stumps. Ice chisel did the trick until mid 60's. First jig stick was my Christmas present in 57. Before that used the old ice pick stick. Yeh, the 2 1/2 armlenths sounds familiar. In 58 & a number of years after Dad & brother ordered 500 mousee for the winter bait along with the golden rod galls we picked. To prod memories. later 50's Diamond Point on Sauk? Jewett about 58 til 61?
  2. For many years I used a 2 burner Coleman stove to heat my portable fish house. Worked great!
  3. Craft built, 7 tine, 6 1/2" wide, 5 ft long. Perfect balance, probably the best spear you will ever own. Not exactly sure who hand crafted it but was made in the mid 40's in central Mn. Cost is $150.00 Do have pics now. Inquire & will forward
  4. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  5. For different reactions see what happens with various amounts of noise like bumps & thumps. Watch what happens with a radio on the floor, bench or suspended.
  6. Christmas trees would also be littering, so would be a non flyer according to the rules.
  7. What appears to happen is that the fluid does not soak up quickly so it appears to be overfull when it has not soaked up much. What I used to do is to fill it in the evening & just let it set. Next am just top off & shake off the excess. Then light per direction & it usually would put out heat for about 6 hours.
  8. Spearingboy: Just a warning if you angle out the sides of your hole. After a couple days the sides will be smooth & shiney and will reflect like crazy. On bright days will reflect down into the hole which can scare fish. Either score up the sides or move the house.
  9. Not an option in Minnesota. To my knowledge it has never been. If it was it has been more than 50 years since we had a season.
  10. Sasquatch


    If memory serves right the late 70's would make it for tip ups because they became legal at the same time that Mn went back to 2 lines in winter. The Jiffy time is about right, also remember that if you were not a junior King Kong those suckers were not for you!
  11. Dave, you are right on the rocket! It was enough for stitches on the chin for someone. The key was to restrain it & let it up slowly. Holding it down with your boot was enough, the slowly lift your foot to ease it up & out. A better method was to fabricate them with a slight taper toward the bottom then braze a light chain to the top. Atach the chain to a hook eye in the floor to hold in place. That way if the hole froze aome you could still put it in after a day of fishing.
  12. I found that by putting a second set of vents close to the floor I got a better circulation in the house than if they were all on the same level. I know what you mean about bad headache as I got one once to the pucking point. Does have a way of scaring the >>>> out you!
  13. The limits have not been that high as long as I have fished and thats 55+ years. 15 Crappies, 30 Sunfish, 6 Walleyes, 6 Bass, & 3 Northerns when I started. That is in Mn, not sure what you had in cheese country.
  14. Woah Hoss, no way was I ripping about giving the folks fish as I did that myself when they were around. I meant it as an awareness thing as you would feel pretty stupid if something happened. I have absolutely no interest in your spot or spots but I can assure you that they will not long remain good after a few people tell a few who tell a few who tell. It is very frustrating to think you have a spot to yourself and come back in 2 days to an area crawling with people. Sorry for the wrong impression.
  15. BDR, where is it in the regs about gifting and not having them count? That's a new one to me & I have been fishing for the past 50+ years. I have absolutely NO problem with a person taking a legal mess of fish for his consumption but I have seen far too many lakes completely ripped in just a couple seasons to be complacent about this subject.
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