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  1. jtm

    grizzly 700 or outlander 500?

    Thanks guys so far I love the grizz. and sorry no pics. cant seem to get them on the computer anymore ever since the p.o.s. crashed.
  2. jtm

    grizzly 700 or outlander 500?

    sorry to get back so late on this but computer crashed. But I did go with the grizzly 700. Found a good deal on a 08 holdover. Only problem is now I cant break it in till december because of new atv/hunting law. But the 5 miles I have drove it have been awsome! Thanks for the suggestions
  3. I've got a 98 grand am that I cant drive until next summer and has been sitting all this summer. Is there anything I should do as it is going to sit awhile? I've been starting it and letting it run a few minutes about once a week. Thanks in advance
  4. jtm

    grizzly 700 or outlander 500?

    well the price range between the two is only about 5 hundred dollars and the yamaha will throw in a 69$ winch. I did look at the 550 yamaha and it looks like a great machine but is the same price as a 700 almost. It is also the first year for it which scares me. I've learned my lesson on first year models with my old 05 brute force 750. Only kept that one summer and got the yamaha. I plane on trying them both out this weekend if time allows. keep the suggestions coming, I appreciate it. Oh and yes I did look at some of the other atv forums but that didnt go to far. Everyone seems to think that whatever brand they own is the toughest.
  5. jtm

    Any suggestions on Trails?

    check out the trails in outing. there is a few free camping spots or there is a small hotel called the wigwam that is litterally right on the trail. there is also a few small ma and pap resorts around there on rosevelt or thunder lake. both of which are on the trail. The map on the dnr site is way off on the trails though. last weekend we put on 60 miles in one day and never rode the same trail twice. they are mostly backwoods trails with alot of water holes and etc. nice area
  6. I'm considering getting a new wheeler. I've currently got a 02 kodiak and a 03 rancher. Honda is a great machine but I will probally not buy another one until I'm old. I love the yamaha but I can get a great deal on a o8 outlander. I dont know much about them. I want to know which one will stand up to the most abuse. I currently put about 3000 miles of hard and abusive riding a year on them[mostly trail riding and am sick of doing repairs.] If given a choice what would you pick? there are no other options as far as brands go for me. Just looking for some input on which one will last longer. Grizzly 700 or outlander 500? thanks in advance
  7. jtm

    rims and tires

    I just bought 26x12-12 swamplites[back] 26x10-12[front] for my 02 kodiak 400. They are on ITP SS wheels. No spacers were needed as they are offset. I am extremely happy with this set up. Ive put about 1500 miles on them and have only noticed a few draw backs. 1. probally should have got the 25" tires as they can be a bit much for a 400 at times. Sometimes have to use low gear to get over big logs etc. 2. As they are offset they throw alot of mud on you!! Often times its fun but sometimes its nice to go for a ride and not get covered in mud. 3.Would recomend getting the 9" wide front tires. The 10" are a workout after a day of trail riding. I see no reason why you could not get at least this size tire, but I am not familliar with polaris suspension or fender clearance etc. Hope this helps. I'm sure others will have recomendations
  8. jtm

    2008 Honda Rancher ES

    We've got a 03' beat up old rancher with 7000 miles in the garage, and the only time I've had any es trouble was ice fishing when its 10 below or colder. when it wouldnt work I just used the foot shifter. Hopefully the problem you have isnt a sighn to come once it gets cold. It should still be under warranty if it becomes a real problem
  9. jtm

    tire sizes

    I just got a set of 26" swamplites this spring. And after reading this I went out and measured them. They are at 26 1/4" tall after some wear on them. I've been extremly happy with them. They are worth checking out
  10. Thanks guys, just put truck up for sale today anyways. Dont feel like putting any money in a 700.00 truck
  11. Got a 95 f-150 and I'm wondering how hard it would be to replace the windshield with a used one. I think the cops are done giving me fix it tickets! haha. thanks
  12. jtm

    Spider Lake type trails?

    Try the trails in outing. We've gone there last two weekends. Lots of water, and some of the best trails around. That and there is hardly any other riders there. We usually put on 50-70 miles.
  13. jtm

    Outing pork and ride

    We were riding up in outing yesterday and met somo people there that says next weekend they have a big ride up there. They said last year there was about 500-600 atvs there. has anyone ever been to this? Surprised I've never heard of this as I only live about 40 miles away. We plan on being there
  14. jtm

    kodiak problem?

    I cant tell if it is still leaking or just run off. I'm fine, just going to have to go to the chiropracter. I'm going to bring it to a heared garage tonight, so I should be able to see more