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  1. muskiedreams

    open water trolling

    I like to troll open water with alot of "good structure" in the basin I also rarely catch fish in water deeper then 50 feet and i pretty much never run baits deeper then 10 to 15 feet. also you will notice over time that hard/soft bottom transitions do have fish relating to that structure even though they are no where near the bottom suppose the food chain hangs out there? I actually run smaller bait lil erinies depth raiders wileys looking for action big slow wobble vs tight fast wobble constantly changing depths colors baits I'm getting a headache already think about it lol but it can be rewarding takes serious patience hard to have faith in it but it does produce
  2. muskiedreams

    tackle box for musky lures

    we used 5 gallon buckets with slices cut in top 2 hang by trebles worked ok,,,
  3. muskiedreams

    A big thanks to Lax Reproductions

    Nice,,, one thing though is did he have a picture of the other side of the fish????? just curious??? dont meen to point that out but I had him do one for me as well and same thing,, replica of the other side of the fish??? I dont know much about the replicas but arent they supposed to have the same markings,scars, that the fish does????
  4. muskiedreams

    Muskie Guides

    couple other things to think about when picking a guide<< your gonna be on the water with them for 10 hours good to go with someone that has a good personality and ya get along with:-) that being said my recomdations would be Josh borvolsky or gregg thomas both are excelent fisherman as well as great guys!!!
  5. muskiedreams

    planer boards

    Yes they will ya gotta modify them a little,, get stronger tension clips and they work pretty good,, We pull big jakes pretty fast and they hold on pretty good,, thorne has em
  6. muskiedreams

    Safe release time??

    i think one thing people prob already know but i will toss it out there.. when releasing a fish turn the fish sideways if the fish dont upright its self not ready yet... give it a little time,, I think alot of fish get let go before there ready,, daytime atleast ya see em come back up night time its a wrap
  7. muskiedreams

    Late season bait choices

    I would say a creeper or hogwobbler something slow crawler type bait,, with that said ITs november dude!!! topwater is done a wrap,over, let me know though if ya get 1 on top
  8. muskiedreams

    Tonka on Friday?

    Just curious you catch those fish after dark out there???
  9. muskiedreams

    Tonka temps?

    I think it already turned seen signs of it 2 weeks ago think it was a light turnover
  10. muskiedreams

    Happy Birthday Hunter!

    happy bday hunter!!! cant beleive your only 16 fishing skills are far past your years young grasshoppa! good luck next week
  11. muskiedreams

    Mn Metro Tourny Results???

    I hate these storys drives me nuts last year i had one die on me was releasing at night fish sliped away from me at night could not find it. She had not stiffend up yet i knew i probly killed the fish sure enough it was floating the next am.. god i felt like [PoorWordUsage]!!!! girlfreind yelled at me told me i killed the fish sucked!!!! sucks when you hear guys handling these fish the way they do!!! you would think if they are fishing tourny they would have been schooled a little better
  12. muskiedreams

    Trolling Dawgs

    i have done it dont have much faith in it.. if anything we would jerk troll them every now and then.. i have never seen one caught on the strait retreive. Not to say that it dont happen but they always seem to smash it on the pause
  13. muskiedreams

    Mille Lacs muskie tactics

    It was brutal one follow a lazy follow at that, Got back tonight super slow fished barbie and webster, got a tip the day we were leaving that it was tough bite down there and it was!! you still planing on going down??
  14. muskiedreams

    Mille Lacs muskie tactics

    pay attn to the ciscos
  15. muskiedreams

    your favorite/funny muskie fishing experience

    haha propster that phone call gets brought up to this day!!! Wow talk about feeling like your in a bad spot!!! too funny I think she is over it now!!?? ps no offense takeing gonna be up at thorne tommorow??????