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  1. Smoked chicken wings. I like the full wing (as pictured). I use yellow mustard as the glue and then sprinkle liberally with Montreal Chicken seasoning. Smoke at 220 - 250 for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs. You can make them in advance. Bag and keep in the refrigerator. When you're ready to serve, warm them up on the grill.
  2. Kidd

    Doe Estrus Scent

    I've had good luck using Code Blue's Screamin’ Heat.
  3. I have the same engine and what you're saying is normal in my experience..
  4. In my humblest of opinions the simpler the better for prime rib. Take it out of the refrigerator, salt (kosher) the entire piece and let stand until it's at room temp. Stick it into your smoker/oven at 450-500 degrees until crusted (about 1 cocktail). Lower heat to 325. Have a least 3 cocktails before poking it with a thermometer. Remove once internal temp is 120. Let rest for at least 1 more cocktail Cut and serve with horseradish.
  5. Yup, people overcook pork all the time. I'm a 145 -150 guy.
  6. I’ve always gotten a kick out of folks who fillet their fish, dredge them in egg, coat them in a flower mixture, cover them in some type of breadcrumb, fry them in some type of oil and that is all OK. But, put a little tarter sauce on and suddenly it no longer taste like fish. To me, it’s no different than putting Ketchup on a hamburger.
  7. I'm assuming based on the rubbery consistency that some kind of silicon caulk was used. Check this site out: https://www.hunker.com/12314253/how-to-remove-a-silicone-stain-from-concrete Good Luck.
  8. If you're feeling adventurous some time follow the same process you just explained but instead of using a rib rub try using a generous amount of Montreal Chicken seasoning with yellow mustard as your glue. Also, try a wing or thigh before using the Famous Dave sauce. Goof Luck
  9. Chicken feet are used primarily in the south for casting spells, protection etc in the VooDoo religion. I was trying to be funny but I guess it was a swing and a miss.
  10. If this was when you lived in the south they were probably using them to place a curse on someone.
  11. It doesn't have to be a rug, promise her a new outfit.
  12. I have a question about the Bow hunting license. I rifle hunt in a zone that has a lottery for a Doe permit. If I were to bow hunt in that same zone does the bow hunting license allow you to shoot a doe or is there a lottery with a bow the same as with a rifle? Thanks in advance.
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