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  1. Call the Sportsmans Cove and listen to his updates. 605-345-2468
  2. Get white. Black you cant see your boober very good in low light conditions. Glow in the dark are nice but not really worth the extra cash to buy.
  3. Put in a cigarette lighter and plug the invertor into it, then plug your tv into that. It should have two plug ins on top of the invertor. Get a big enough one. 400 watts should do the trick.
  4. Tie a ball bearing swivel on then from there tie about 8 inches or so of line from that, then your lure.
  5. Lights up top for the bunks and outlets up there as well. Definetly spay foam everything, especially the floor. Get the self tracking satellite also, wish we did that. Also an outlet on each side by the back bunks.
  6. Use out water all the time on our trips, We just use lake water. Good enough to wash you hands with and flush the toilet with.
  7. Use mine all the time. Works great
  8. Slender spoons and anything that glows
  9. I had a 2000 watt McCullough. Just as quiet as a Honda. The only problem was is that we have a microwave and they take a lot of power. It ran it but it took sometimes three times as long as it should to re-heat things. One time my microwave over heated. Enough of that we said and got a Honda 3000 watt. Runs for 20 hours, compared to our McCullough that would run 6-7. No more getting up sometimes in the middle of the night to fill it up. Plus it runs our air conditioner with ease.
  10. I am hoping the walleyes inhale these. Just got them, they are super glow from Northland. Cmon ice!!!
  11. Just found out that is on. I think it starts around 3:00. Round Lake, Mn east of Worthington. Its a very good time.
  12. Here's my 2 cents. Quit have the gun season during the rut! Let these bucks at least get the chance to breed the does. I even think a buck lottery system should get implemented. At least in SW MN do it. Having the slug season during the rut is just plain stupid in my opinion. And people wonder why we never get the "monster bucks". Hmm, I wonder why?
  13. Is the Fish House Parade still happening this year in Round Lake on November 29th?
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