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  1. Matt C

    Alhams Gun shop

    +1 They do awesome work!
  2. Matt C

    I Love HotSpotOutdoors.com Because?

    The great people I have met and still keep in touch with. I have made some GREAT friends and enjoy meeting new people and hope to continue meeting more of you! Being part of a site that promotes families being outdoors doing things together. Local GTG's ice fishing and Fall trolling Mille Lacs for staff GTG, to the Sturgeon Excursion. This is my home page!
  3. Matt C

    1999 Cavalier Tranny

    99 cavaliers have a check port. Lift the car. There is a check port on the transmission, just like a front or rear diff, fluid usually isn't an issue. If its the original transmission with high mileage, they could soon loose other gears; meaning transmission failure. Not a horrible price for a rebuilt one for that car.
  4. Matt C

    2006 Chev Silverado

    Sounds electronic Tom. If the transmission was going, you loose gears instead of what you described. Especially since it works just fine when you hit auto or full time 4wd.
  5. I'd rather not. That gets very expensive ~ $30 bucks, but if you want to cover shipping costs, I would.
  6. Aluminium 14'. No motor. Customer trailer with lifetime license. Also has a cover. $800.00 Located in Faribault, MN [email protected]
  7. Brand new! Comes with cover and mounting hardware. $50.00 Sold my boat/trailer so I have no need for a spare. ST215/75D14. Located in Faribault, MN [email protected]
  8. Just got back from the store. I did look very hard at the HTC. It is a very nice phone. I did end up going with the s5 however, more so because I didn't feel like 'learning' a new phone. The s5 is comparable to my s3. Now, I have to wait until April 16th as they are out of stock on them already.
  9. Water resistant/dust. Which is huge for me while at work or on the lakes. I'll def look at the HTC One while at the VZ store today.
  10. Grabbing the S5 tomorrow. I hung onto my S3, because the S4 didn't show me anything different from the S3. My wife got the Lg G2 a few months ago and really likes it. I am personally not a HTC or Motorola fan (chev vs. ford). I am partial to the Samsung and LG phones.
  11. Matt C

    Just Saying, THANKS

    Took the words out of my mouth.
  12. Matt C

    Please help with Ice Castle Gound wire

    Ground for the trailer/towing? Or ground inside?