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  1. I have little yellow flies in my apple trees. Are they responsible for the holes in the leaves? Any help on identifying this little fly would be awesome. Thanks
  2. Sorry for my delayed response. I work on the road during the week. Just got around to tinkering today
  3. I have an 07 Chevy Malibu 2.2 4 cylinder. Today with the cruise set, the check engine light came on and power was reduced to a 40mph limp mode. I pulled off the road, where at idle it shook like there was a bad misfire, and I shut her off. I checked a few things, disconnected negative terminal on battery, hooked back up, and restarted the car. Check engine light disappeared, and car ran fine. Headed back down the road, cautiously. 10 miles later with cruise engaged, it all happened again. Cruise disengaged, check engine light came on, and it only rev up if car was under 40 mph no matter what I did with gas pedal. Limped for a few miles to a wayside rest, and at idle speed, it chugged again, so I put in neutral, shut it off, and coated into a parking spot. Text a friend down the road, to get him on the way with his car trailer. He showed up, car started up, ran fine, but drove it on the trailer. Any thoughts? Throttle body issue maybe? I know I can scan it this week with the engine light on, but thought I'd pick your guys brains and have issue resolved.
  4. vister


    My dad has an ion. Drills better than my strikemaster. Only noise is from the ice being drilled. Light as well. If I was in the market for a new auger, I would buy one for myself
  5. vister

    Wheelhouse floor insulating

    Open cell isn't rigid and will absorb moisture like a sponge.
  6. vister

    Possession limit and taxidermist

    Thanks for the input guys. CO got back to me. Once taxidermist fills out paper work and writes down your mn id number, fish is no longer in your possession. Only if taxidermist keeps fish at their licensed establishment. Unless, say, like mentioned, it's a sturgeon where possession is one per year.
  7. vister

    Navionics Phone App

    I have us version of navionics. It was spot on for us. We were at starren shoals by garden island, where depth changes dramatically.
  8. So, a few months ago I was fortunate enough to pull a 44" northern outta lake of the woods. She is currently at the taxidermist. My question is, does having a fish at a taxidermist count towards my possession limit. Being MN has a one over 30" in possession. I am goin back up in a few weeks, and would like to know if it is catch and release, or if I am allowed another over 30". Lake of the woods has a 30"-40" release slot, and one over 40" in possession. I spoke with my local CO, and she was uncertain of the possession, if it was currently at a taxidermist. She said it was a gray area, but she would look into it further, and get back to me
  9. vister

    Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    44" 24lbs caught this gal Friday morning.
  10. vister

    Nokian tires

    Ok. I live in St. Cloud. Waite parks discount tire doesn't carry them, nor able to order I guess
  11. Does anybody know of a place that sells nokian tires, besides online. Looking into the rotiiva at plus. On the same note, anyone have any good/bad stories about them? They are the only company that brands every single tire they make with the severe service emblem, the mountain and snowflake.
  12. vister

    Red Meat and Red Beer

    Make sure ya give your popcorn bowl a good scrubbing before your next batch of popcorn
  13. Keep in mind it is almost one deer per hunter statewide. As opposed to the past few years where some zones were 5/hunter. Less available tags equals lower harvest numbers. I can only tag one deer this year, in 240, and I have yet to see or hear of wolves in a 30 mile radius of where we hunt. It's more harsh winters that do it, rather than wolves. But yes, wolves do take their toll. I blame wolves for the lack of moose. I mean c'mon dnr, do you honestly not know why there are so many dry cow moose out there? Really? If I were a betting man, I'd say she lost her calf to the wolves.
  14. vister

    Did he mess it up

    You'll just have to change your strategy. I highly doubt he left, but I'd be willing to bet he changed where he comes in and out or through. Find that spot. Also, try not to sound so emotional about the situation. Them are the ups and downs of the sport. Take advantage of the time you have to hunt with your dad, after all, it's just a deer. Good luck