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  1. huntnfishsd

    Homer derby

    Great HR derby for sure. I was so glad that Morneau won and that he made Rick Reilly eat his words for saying that he didn't even belong in the contest! Like said, Justin is a class act all the way (like all of the Twins) even after being treated like dirt by the media. It sure is nice to see nice guys finish first once in awhile...
  2. huntnfishsd

    Deadiest Catch!!

    Northwestern for me... I also like Phil and the gang on the Cornelia Marie
  3. huntnfishsd

    Vikes, too early to be excited?

    He's got my vote!
  4. huntnfishsd

    The next greatest second baseman

    I think that Everett should be shown the door...
  5. huntnfishsd

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  6. huntnfishsd

    "The other dog did it ..."

    Great pics, I am sure enjoying watching your pup grow up through the photos!
  7. huntnfishsd

    Erasmus James to Redskins

    Maybe I should rephrase that.... The Wilf era drafts have been better than the McCombs era drafts...
  8. huntnfishsd

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  9. huntnfishsd


    Great finale for sure. Definately threw me for a loop or two! Can't wait for next season...
  10. huntnfishsd

    Deadiest Catch!!

    I agree that Sig looked HORRIBLE! But I guess that's what crab fishing will do to a guy! Another great show and I can't wait for the rest of opi season!
  11. huntnfishsd

    Twins management

    Agreed wanderingeyes... you hit the nail on the head...
  12. huntnfishsd

    Lets make a million! ! ! !

  13. huntnfishsd

    Bambi on the Creekside

    Awesome pic, what a cute lil guy!