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  1. King_Fisher

    1st Annual Bowfishing Outting

    Waste of time! I don't think I have ever seen water so dirty in my life. The clarity was about 6 inches. I didn't even see a carp.
  2. King_Fisher

    1st Annual Bowfishing Outting

    Well I WAS going to go carpin tonight, but I don't think this rain will help the visability much...
  3. King_Fisher

    1st Annual Bowfishing Outting

    Is anyone else doing this tourny? I signed up yesterday. Checked out the lake after and noticed the water clarity is terrible. I don't know if I'll even be able to see any at night. Does anyone know where the carp like to hang out on Little Elk? How deep are the rivers coming in and going out?
  4. King_Fisher

    1st Annual Bowfishing Outting

    SWEET!!! I'll be there!
  5. King_Fisher

    Carp Pics

    Yeah I'll be up this weekend too. Were going to go out for a couple hours Thursday night and then again either Friday or Saturday night. He had mentioned he took a couple guys out. How did you like the pontoon setup?
  6. King_Fisher

    shooting carp at night?

    Take your time and try and eliminate as much vibration from the boat that you can. Typically you can go slowly along and if you see one swimming ahead of you, you can speed up to it and get a shot. Thats about the only advice I can give you.
  7. King_Fisher

    sweet news

    Unfortunately I don't really know any lakes close to me that would be any better.?.?.? And legal..
  8. King_Fisher

    sweet news

  9. King_Fisher

    spearing guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought I was hard core about bowfishing, but you guys put me to shame with spearing!! Here it's 90 degrees and you guys are still talking about spearing through the ice... Ha ha. Good for you!!
  10. King_Fisher

    Anyone been out at night?

    Yeah I have been out 3 times. It opened June 1st. They are opening all lakes to nigth bowfishing starting August 1st. (As long as there aren't any "weapon discharge" ordinances) The night stuff is the way to go!
  11. King_Fisher

    Carp Pics

    I actually live in Plymouth too, but I was up north a ways when I got those. I usually go to Buffalo or clearwater when I go down here. I'm waiting to get my flat bottom home so I can build some platforms for it. I have the lights, front and back motors, and generator but I need to find an in-exspensive way to build a platform.
  12. King_Fisher

    Carp Pics

    WOW!! That thing is a giant. What lake did he get those on?
  13. King_Fisher

    Carp Pics

    We use a pontoon with a plastic floor so we just throw some lake water on it and start sweepin. It looks like the jaws movie in the water when were done. Ha ha.
  14. King_Fisher

    Carp Pics

    Thanks guys. That 28 pounder was dripin eggs when I pulled her out. Makes the bottom of the boat look pretty nice..
  15. King_Fisher

    Carp Pics

    A good weekend!!! 28 pounder two 30 pounders Buddys 33 pounder