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  1. Thanks for the info guys,I too have heard good things about Ahlmans. I just thought that there might be someone closer to LAX that I was't aware of. I guess a roadtrip to a gun shop I've never been to is in order. Their HSOforum sure makes it look interesting.
  2. I'm looking for references of a gunsmith in Winona, Lacrosse, or Rochester area that has worked on vintage classic American SxS shotguns. I need to get some work done, and I want to feel comfortable where I take it. This would be stock removal to repair "safety" and general cleaning of internals, possibly making parts or access to replacement parts.
  3. My first thought would be to check the ears. If one or the other smells, more than likely she's got an infection. Wax build-up, or a tick may have wandered in, are other possibilities. Try doing a vigorous ear wash,and see what comes out, if nothing and condition persists, it's time for a trip to the vet. Severe infections can ruin a dogs hearing forever, not worth the risk.
  4. 2tp setters has excellent advice. Depending on the amount of grouse contacts, it can take 4 maybe 5 years for the dog to learn when to "back off". IMHO grouse are the toughest bird for a dog and hunter to handle. If you have contacts with your dog on other birds that hold better (woodcock, hen pheasant or game farm birds) this is espcially evident. Down where I hunt, SE MN, grouse are not that plentiful, she learns more in one week up North than all season down here. And just remember, if a bird bumps, clearly outside the pointing range, sometimes the bird wins, the smart ones live another day.
  5. Congrats to you, You have already made the successful first step in bringing along a first class gundog by picking an English setter. If the dog has good breeding, simply start obedience, whoa training, quartering, and exposure to live birds. The instincts will kick in, then you can take it to whatever level you want, retrevieing, steady to shot, and whatever else. Smart dogs like to be challenged by learning new things and remember it's a long journey so make sure pup learns it's lessons before moving on and you will be rewarded for years to come. I read alot of books and watched videos attended a couple seminars, glean the knowledge from all and apply it to your dog accordering to it's personality, and ability, and what you want out of your pup. Take it easy and soon pup will be teaching you on how to read her. Geeze, thinking about training is getting me exited about looking for a pup to follow my 10 year old!
  6. setterguy, I'm a certified setterhead. I'm very interested in the red/setter cross. PM me at [email protected] My setter is 9 1/2 and looking to bring another into the fold, 90% grouse, 10% pheasant.
  7. I lost a dog to similiar situation, however I got right on the horse and started looking for a new dog right away. It's hard when your best bud is gone, but remember they lived for what they were bred for, we should all be so fortunate. By the way, my replacement dog goes no where's near the highway, has no interest whatsoever. I keep thinking maybe my former dog's spirit keeps her away and safe? What's done is done, hopefully you have pictures and for sure memory's. Greive, and when you know it's time, start a new relationship with a new pup. Just my opinon RJ
  8. I've used both, in my case Advantix has been superior to Frontline. It seems to last longer and kills the ticks faster, also discourages skeeters. As for the cat reference, for once I'll be politically correct and just say WHATEVER!
  9. I guess all I can do is echo what other setter owners have said. My girl is a Ryman/Pincoble cross and all I can say is she is the best dog I've ever owned. They are very biddable and easy to train or should I say train you. It's just a matter of obedience and then putting them on birds. The light goes on and they learn where the birds are. Did some quartering training and the usual whoa and fetch. After awhile you learn to read your dog, give her the freedom to find birds, and don't be too controling. I find people I hunt with that are used to flushing dogs get exicted if she ranges out, but after they see she holds point, and waits for the flush they relax and wonder why they don't hunt pointing dogs more often. I'll always have a setter, for my type of hunting, grouse and pheasant, she's all I could ask for. While she does swim, I would not recommend this breed for waterfowling if that is your main purpose, there are far better established breeds for this sort of hunting.
  10. Come on there has to be someone who has a hunting dog in the LAX area that has a favorite vet. If you dont't want to say on the board PM me. I don't want to play roulete in the phone book to get an appointment for my baby.
  11. Pups annual check-up due, found out my vet retired. Need a referral for a hunting dog vet in SE MN or LAX area. Any ideas as to satisfied experiences welcome. Thanks in advance !
  12. Ok, here's the deal, I get a letter from my vet, who I respect, that my 9 year old setter should participate in this evaluation, of senior dogs in hopes that any problems that show up now can be addressed to extend hunting life and or life in general. It cost $175 and includeds blood chemistry, thyroid, heartworm, blood count, and urinalysis. There are no problems with the dog now and she has been healthy all her life. Should a do it once, get a base line, and mayby every other year, forget it and monitor her health every year by a her regular vet visit. I'm just wondering if others have found a benefit from this program or is it a scam to fleece money from people who care about their dogs. Believe me, I'd do anything to protect the health of the best dog I've ever had, but as I well know, you can't reverse ageing, and while she's the best hunting dog I,ve ever owned, I feel this could be a "rip-off" preying on the emotions of loving animal owners. For what it is worth, my vet has joined this VCA association that smacks to me of institusional medical care, for a certain percentage profit.
  13. I'll be right there for the flogging, it makes me sick to think of that happening. Glad to here it may have a happy ending. Hopefully, that would never happen to my setter, she kicks me a couple times a night to let me know she's there. I know how it is, I'd let her drive the truck, but her feet don't reach the pedals.
  14. Thats a very good question. There are some "minimum mantaince" roads down here I'd like to take the pooch on, they are about the only place you can walk after the ice storms came through. Most of the snowmobile trails arn't very long before you hit the mish-mash of posted land.
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