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  1. He will be missed by many. I got to see him 3 times over the years. he even took time to chat after his shows. I had him autograph a couple of my shotguns. benelli of course. RIP Tom Knapp.......was honored to call you a friend!
  2. Greetings fellow viewers! haven't posted on here for a few months that I almost forgot my password. lol anyhow.......anyone know if the trolley thingy at Turtle Portage is working? I thought I heard somewhere that the cables were stolen. I was up there 2 weeks ago musky fishing and I wasn't that far from there and never even gave it a thought to go check it out. last time I was over the portage is when I went icefishing for lakers. any info is much appreciated. thanks in advance!
  3. i was up there yesterday with my boys and my dad. only fished 2 spots and did very well. i was surprised that we was catching them deep, anywhere from 30 to 40 plus feet. Furthest we went was Rabbit pt. out in front of Mylies in the bay in close to 30 ft and it was deeper yet over by Rabbit. saugers, walleye, perch, smallies and few pike. nothing big was caught, 22 inch was the biggest walleye and the pike was 37 inch. just jig and minnows. big or small minnows and color jig didnt seem to matter. even got quite a few on plastics. a few hours well spent on the water. ate some of the evidence for supper.
  4. Hi yall! Made a day trip to Morson today. Tried to get bait at BVR but nobody was around and we didn't know of anyone else that sold live bait. Unhitched the portables and took off for Nestor Falls by sled. Was a quick but awesome ride. Got my speed fix for the season. Lol. Anyhow.....fished on a edge of a reef west of Morson and did well on crappies and walleyes in the same place. Even caught a few crappies on a spoon. But it seemed live bait on small jigs were the best. Didn't even set up the portable cuz it was so nice out. Day well spent in my book.
  5. i plan on making a daytrip up there on Monday for crappies then wallleyes in the afternoon. will post a report when i get back. i have some other friends going up for lakers next friday. I'll be on the west coast next friday prolly wishing i was fishing. lol
  6. Yes that water was cold. Rolled up my sleeve and reached down so I could grab fishnut2's trout. I don't think I woulda done it if I didn't have a heater going somewhere close by. I forgot the gaff........my bad. Lol. Was a day well spent. Can't wait to go again.
  7. i was thinking about getting one. looks like a slick and simple setup. maybe next season i will.
  8. i got one. i do a lot of hunting in Ontario so i have taken down a few moose with a 300WSM. most of them went down with one shot. and i have yet to cut a deer in half with it like someone mentioned. lol. i got the 300wsm a year after it came out. been a good one for me.
  9. hey I think i know your guide. lol. i was up the day before (saturday) on WFB and we did great on lakers. most fish were caught close to bottom in 60ft. turtle lake and WFB had good snow cover. i never had to pull out my scratchers on my sled. a few more small ridges this year but no slush to speak of. heard and seen quite a few people that day. one buddy even landed a 52 inch musky ( showed me some pictures) theres about a foot of ice. hope to head up again this next saturday.
  10. Had a super nova over a year now. Haven't shot it yet. Maybe try it this fall.
  11. WT.......missed ya again this weekend. Only had one day off so I stuck close to home. I seen an ad in the Outdoor News that Reeds was having a "Try before you buy" on Browning and Benelli shotguns. Prolly other mfg too....not sure. I know Strieffs in Warroad has an event "Waterfowl days". Usually have reps on hand. Gonna fish the bass tourney in morson this wkd. Maybe see ya Labor day wkd!
  12. Made another day trip for lakers. Was a gorgeous day on Saturday. Was probably us that you seen on sleds. 5 sleds. 4 with portables and I was without. Got a little sloppy later on in the day but enough to keep the sleds running cool. A couple guys that were with took and put a bolt thru the rear part of the ski for ice scratchers and they worked great. Didn't really need them.for the ride home cuz it just sprayed the water and stuff back onto their portable and filled them up. Half the fun.is the ride there and back. Fished a couple spots on the east side. We only caught 7 and one Whitefish. One trout had a belly full of smelt. Biggest was 12.5 lb that day. Made for a long day but it was worth it. Beautiful weather. No wind. Listening and watching bald eagles. Talking about anything and everything since we didnt set up the portables. The last trout was caught at 6pm just as we were gonna pack up and head back to morson. Can't wait to get up for lakers on the open water.
  13. made a day trip to whitefish bay yesterday. took wheelers from Morson and that was the way to go cuz once we got into WFB there was hardly any snow on the ice and if there was it was hard. seen a few people up there with sleds but we made just as good of time on wheelers. half the fun is the ride up there. anyhow 3 of caught 10 lakers ranging from 8-13 lb. tubes, a few were caught on spoons and i even got a couple on a Lindy Darter. Marked a lot of fish. we found that when fish came in slow up to the bait they wouldnt strike but the fish we caught all came in fast and they were on. we never stopped and talk to anyone to see how they were doing. there was a breeze when we first got there and then it calmed down to nothing. even took my jacket off for a while cuz i was getting too warm. fished walleyes in the evening west of Morson. think we picked up 7-8. little more snow out that way but it is rough and very hard. even in the pickup we just poked along but no pressure ridges to cross so we had no problem. studded tires would be ideal cuz there was a few stretches up in WFB where it was glare smooth ice. looking to be a nice week for temps. Be safe out there.
  14. got a couple friends going to Nashville this week to check out the 2012 Cats. cool pics though.
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