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  1. Johnny_Da_Der

    Things caught ice fishing other than fish?

    I caught a rubber something or another in the mississippi last year. It was also inflated with water, but I didn't mistake it for something it wasn't.
  2. Johnny_Da_Der

    Going bathroom while fishing

    Although convienient, you really shouldn't be dropping a deuce down the hole. Use a plastic bag and a bucket, sheesh.
  3. Johnny_Da_Der

    Strikemaster e-mail address...

    do you mean aligned wrong?????
  4. Johnny_Da_Der

    Strikemaster e-mail address...

    Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.
  5. Johnny_Da_Der


    Just wondering... how exactly did you lose it coming off the lake? That sucks dude. Good luck.
  6. Johnny_Da_Der

    Ice cleat recommendations?

    I was thinking the same thing Chode... The lake I was on last night looked like a skating rink. I got a couple free auger rides and a bruised hip.
  7. Johnny_Da_Der

    5.5" or 7" cabelas camera?

    What is the price difference? I think that would probably matter more than anything.
  8. Johnny_Da_Der

    Pro Pack

    I tried this but my cats kept burying the Marcum in the litter until I bought a Vexilar. Sorry, couldn't resist... Carry on.
  9. Johnny_Da_Der

    Minnesota noodlers

  10. Johnny_Da_Der

    The Greatness of Derek Boogaard

    he hehe he just funnin' with ya, RL
  11. Johnny_Da_Der

    The Greatness of Derek Boogaard

    If Derek Boogaard read this forum he would kick redlake's @$$ and tell him to get a life.
  12. Johnny_Da_Der

    Navionics for iphone!!!!!

    I think the 3rd gen iphone has gps, but I am not sure. I can't justify spending more than $100 on something i will drop and break or soak and ruin.
  13. Johnny_Da_Der

    Navionics for iphone!!!!!

    Now you can drop your phone, your mp3 player, and your GPS down the hole all at the same time
  14. Johnny_Da_Der

    Navionics for iphone!!!!!

    i don't think so.
  15. Johnny_Da_Der

    little help

    i think the admins have to change it for you.