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  1. hey ya'all i just wanted to wish everyone the best of luck for the opener this year, i finally finished all of my training here at fort bragg NC and they are finally shipping me out to catch up with a unit in IRAQ on saturday. so the best of luck to ya and save some for me for next years opener!!!!
  2. msm1018, welcome to the site, i believe what u are asking about is the mousie that is used for panfishin and is like a wax worm but has a little tail.....not exactly sure what they are but they do work!! hope this helps
  3. ask her how many pairs of shoes or purses she has and then tell her if she sells some of them then u will!!!
  4. I cant thank u guys enough for the support and as soon as i find out where i am gonna be and when i get there i will definately keep in touch!!! thanks again
  5. fortunately i am not a combat engineer, my mos is a 51b which is carpentry and masonry specialist, so i would assume rebuilding in iraq but i have no idea where i will end up or what exaclty i will be doing, and i was told that u do have use of computers and i will make sure i keep in touch!!
  6. well guys i just found out the news 2 days ago and now it has set in, i have to be to ft.leonardwood by the 12th of sept. for 25 days of processing and stuff and then i dont know where i am gonna end up, and it says that it could be a max of 2yrs!! I cant believe that i am going, it was one of those deals that i just never thought that i would get called being i havent been in the actual reserves for a couple of years now, i went in to the irr and just kinda forgot about my commitment. I guess my biggest concern is my g-friend being a full time student having to pay all of our bills now and take care of everything w/out me! I guess its a good thing that i didnt go on my annual duckhunting spree this year and buy a bunch of stuff that i wont use for a while!! So i also guess i wont be pulling those bull gills through the ice this year either!! Alright well i am done now, i just wanted to tell all of u guys and wish u all the best of the next few seasons coming up and appreciate every time u are out there!!! I totally understand my commitment to serve this wonderful country and i raised my right hand and i am required to do whatever my country calls for!!! god bless u all and try to save some for me for when i get back!!!
  7. i remember my grandpa telling me stories about him doing that, its definately something i would love to do once!!!
  8. canvasback kid


    23 and the back is going on 60 and i am already starting to appreciate every day i can get out!! (just not as easy as it used to be already.) ------------------ you cant teach common-sense.
  9. i have been fishing dresbach alot lately and it seems like a hit or miss deal, some days havent been to bad but for the most part it has been pretty slow, i have found genoa to be much more appetizing though!!!! ------------------ you cant teach common-sense.
  10. got a quick question....... I got a 25hp evinrude with a 15ft v-boat. When i am by myself it plains out right away but when i got someone else with me it wont plain. I was wondering if getting those hydro-foils will help it plain out with other people with me.(if not i might have to get skinnier fishing partners or lay off the mcdonalds myself!!!) ------------------ you cant teach common-sense.
  11. winnie! winnie! winnie! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!
  12. winnie! winnie! winnie! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!
  13. hey old man you read that one too!!! I thought i was the only one!!!
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