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  1. I gave this a shot and they replied saying 'sorry, but here is a link to a $400 new shack'. I guess I shouldn't be surprised there isn't a better option. I thought about adding a liner of my own but I just don't see that working out well. I think I'd rather put the money towards a flotation suit.
  2. I have a Clam one man flip over, I think it is a scout that I bought used a few years ago. I am not sure what year it was built but it is till in great shape. If possible I would like to buy a thermal replacement skin so I looked at Clam's page. Maybe I looked in the wrong spot but it seemed like they only offer a replacement that has a thermal roof, not a fully insulated skin. Sound right? My question is does anyone know if other companies make replacement skins for a Scout that is fully insulated? I thought I saw some options like this in years past but haven't kept up lately.
  3. I think they pulled this app out of the Google Play store. I want to buy it but both the US and US Canada boating apps are no longer returned in search results. For giggles I checked the Apple app store and it is still there, not sure if there is a problem for the android version.
  4. I've had a few flashers, started with an FL 12, sold it and tried out the lx-5, sold that and tried the ice-55 and ended up selling that too. Not sure why I felt the need to make any of these changes. This year I found a pretty old fl 8 and the price was right. I watched the (long) video on ducers, had a gift card for a big-box store so I purchased the pro view ducer. I figured it would help make the most of my affordable vexilar. I think they sort of missed the mark with how it operates - you turn up the gain to widen the view. Something the video doesn't say is that when you turn up th
  5. I sort of wanted a thermal one man flip over shanty for this winter but took a look at some hubs and wonder if that would be a better option. Frabill has a thermal for about $229 but it weighs less than the smallest Clam hub and that goes for $199 or so (which is not a thermal shelter, though odd it weighs more). Most thermal flip overs are close to double that cost and give less room. Basically I'd like a warmer shelter that isn't a bear to lug around and still has a little room. I have never seen the hubs in person and don't know if anchoring is needed every time. I would appreciate you
  6. Hmm, I will have a look but I am doubtful (never used anything in the tank and we have lived here 5 years). I wonder if I bought the wrong wax seal. I bought for a four inch drain pipe but inside the wax area there is a piece of plastic that seemed to reduce the hole size. I am thinking that maybe when the bowl fills to that tipping point of flushing that I am not getting the proper suction due to that reduction(?). Maybe all wax seals have that, I am not sure. When I pulled off the toilet I don't recall any plastic being there, just wax.
  7. In my house our toilet quit flushing on the first day of my vacation. I tried the plunger, no luck. I tried a snake, big regret, only scratched the finish of the bowl. I took the whole toilet out and saw water sitting in the drain pipe so I knew it was not a blockage in the toilet itself. I tried to snake the drain pipe, got the snake pretty far but no luck. Then I took off the drain pipe for the sink in the bathroom and snaked from there. Still no luck. I went to the downstairs sink, opened the drain pipe and snaked from there to see if I would have a better angle or something. No luck
  8. I'm in, thanks. Will use to fish. John Danner Sun Prairie WI
  9. I think I recall something about the contest being won early in the season; I am not sure if it was for channels though. We have dedicated participants so I am going for 225.
  10. I am glad this topic is going around. My father in law dropped off a 12 foot jon and a little outboard since I have more storage area and would put it to use. I still need to put some new wood in for the transom so I haven't even had it out but I am already nervous about putting down the anchor for the bow. The last thing I want to be doing is moving all over this little boat in current. I don't plan on taking too much tack out the first few times and wearing my life vest until I get a feel for it or sell it!
  11. I caught a channel cat on the first but I figured I wouldn't waste Darren's time with a 12 incher. Didn't bother with girth . Then it started snowing and raining so I stopped by the casino and my luck did not improve. Things should warm up soon though. I guess I missed my chance to be the leader though.
  12. I don't know a lot about boat lights but a little about HIDs. HPS will generally give more lumens per watt than metal halide or mercury vapor. I would guess the Xenon lights on nice cars would be more money than most would want to spend.
  13. I am glad this came up. I fish with bluegill (legal here) and caught a few my last time out that seemed like they may be too big to use for bait. There was a slight conflict because these were "keeper" bluegill although I would not keep anything from that water. I suppose there is no better outcome for a quality bluegill in lousy water than being bait for a giant catfish. So is there a size that is too small for a flathead? I will be going bigger in the future so it may not matter.
  14. I use no rolls and bank sinkers and one advantage for me with no rolls is they don't flop around as much when I am travelling to and from my fishing spot. Several of my spots involve a walk of a quarter mile or more. Depending on the spot I may have four rods with me and I don't like to have a mess when I get there.
  15. I haven't had more luck with cut bluegill than I have with cut bullhead. Live seems to be a different story though. I once crossed paths with a snake (later identified it as a western fox snake)that seemed to be rattling. My stuff was all over the area and I hate snakes so I found a huge rock to toss on it. It became cut bait but did not produce. I tend to take a closer look before scattering stuff now. A good reminder though with sun bathing opportunities for snakes coming up.
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