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  1. Anoka has a new ramp access the Mississippi via the rum river. From 169 take a right on Main St. (in Anoka) then a right on 2nd avenue. The landing is about a 1/4-1/2 mile on the right. It is a free ramp and that is the one I almost always use. Another ramp is located at the Coon Rapids Dam Park. Plenty of ramps in this area and not much boat traffic makes a good combo.
  2. The skids are made from treated 2x6's. I usually place a couple of short boards on the ice to prevent freeze in. I'm guessing the whole house weighs about 300#. Two guys and I lifted it onto a snowmobile trailer to move out onto the lake. Two people can easily move it from spot to spot be hand. The house skids have I-bolts.
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