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  1. woodsmanmn

    Covering Camper Question

    Invest in a plastic bladed snow rake. The enemy isn't so much the load of the snow, it's the melting and refreezing where the water gets into the seams, nooks and crannies and refreezes. Keeping the snow off to minimize the snow melt is a big help.
  2. woodsmanmn

    hole sleeves

    Ditto for me with the catch covers and sleeves. Got a converted popup trailer for a house so it seals out the outside. Buy a couple of gaffs and keep em handy though.
  3. woodsmanmn

    Legendary Waters Casino

    It's not the campground that's legendary, it's the waters! Never stayed at the campground, so I'm no help there. But we stay at the hotel a couple times a year. Great hotel and a great area to visit. If you go up that way, the boat rides around the Apostle islands out of Bayfield on a nice day is awsome.
  4. woodsmanmn

    towing 5th wheel with 4.8 liter GM

    This is really a math problem, and the numbers don't lie. Start by googling what-can-i-tow and read that article. Get the numbers right and you will have no doubts. Don't rely on "It should be ok". You're putting too much money and fun time into this to get it wrong.
  5. woodsmanmn

    New 2014 yamaha Grizzly 550 with plow n winch

    With the bells and whistles already installed, it's not a bad deal. When I bought my Honda, the dealer wanted over 1000 to add the plow and winch. Did it myself for about half that.
  6. woodsmanmn

    Plowing with chains

    They are a big help for plowing. One year it was time to get the fish houses off and the weather warmed up big time. The ice was covered with water, you couldn't stand without wearing boot cleats. Without those chains, we wouldn't have been able to get about a half dozen houses off the lake.
  7. woodsmanmn

    Fish Bite Alarms

    Uh, yeah, my reels rattle when there's a bite.
  8. woodsmanmn

    Moose Plow With Tracks

    That sounds like a nice problem to have!
  9. woodsmanmn

    Can you plow on the lake with a straight blade?

    How much would tire chains help? At least on the front to help get a bite on the ice to keep going straight.
  10. woodsmanmn

    Have you yet????

    Pulled the wheels off the house last weekend. Time for a new set of tires. The tires will be delivered today!
  11. woodsmanmn

    Plowing with chains

    I plow with my honda rancher with chains on a gravel driveway. Are chains any good on a paved driveway? Do they do damage?
  12. woodsmanmn

    atv plow

    Look into eagle plows by american manufacturing in Isanti. Put one on my Honda Rancher last year and it's great. It has the frame mount, but the plate can be removed by loosening 4 bolts and it slides off and on. Very well built stuff. And definitely got with a winch.
  13. woodsmanmn

    Ice fishing when you live on the lake....

    We used to have a seasonal camper on a lake, and over christmas break I'd have a week or more off and put my portable out by all the perms and leave it set up. Sadly, about the fourth year of doing this, it disappeared.
  14. woodsmanmn

    2010 Honda Rancher Battery

    Update, the solenoid was clicking, the battery showed good voltage. Jumping from the battery to bypass the solenoid only made sparks, no crank from the starter. Took it in and yes, the start is bad.
  15. woodsmanmn

    2010 Honda Rancher Battery

    That makes sense, I can tell that it struggles to turn the starter.