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  1. Digger Carrier SOLD!!! only item left is: Insulated Canvas Craft Double Flip Magnum(Great Shape): $1000 includes tow hitch, back to back swivel seats, cover
  2. Jim, You could've sold that to me 3 weeks ago , Oh well, I'm still happy and I don't think it will take you long! Good luck!
  3. Downsizing, these items are for sale: Digger Auger Carrier: $65 Insulated Canvas Craft Double Flip Magnum(Great Shape): $1000 includes tow hitch, back to back swivel seats, cover Humminbird Ice 55(2 years old): $375 Vexilar FL20 Pro pack with Proview Transducer(2years old)$375 email me at [email protected]
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    Thanks for the info...went with 2013...very excited
  5. Myrt


    Anyone have or familiar with the original 2006 version of the SnoBear? Great machine?
  6. $11,000.00 2014 Stealth all aluminum 18ft with 5ft V, enclosed trailer custom made to haul a Ranger with tracks if interested pm me your email and I will send out pics of trailer, and trailer with ranger loaded, and the spec sheet with all of the details.
  7. Myrt

    How much Pulled Pork???

    my opinion is 1/5 to 1/4lb a sandwich, depending on the bun size, then know who you are feeding and if they eat big or small, for how many sandwiches to have ...2 sand/person/, at 1/4lb(big sandwich) = 24 sandwiches and 6lbs cooked ... 1.5 sand/person, at 1/4lb(big sandwich) = 18 sandwiches and 4.5lbs cooked ...1-4oz sand/person for 12 would be 3lbs cooked ...3oz sandwiches(reg size grocery hamburger bun) ...get 5 sandwiches to 1lb..and so on.. ...just my opinion
  8. Myrt

    A Start???

  9. I bought this unit refurbished from MinnKota several years ago, works fine, don't use much as I mostly use the Terrova 80 bowmount. Switching to 36volt system, sold the Terrova 80, now selling the Vantage...looking for $450 obo
  10. Anyone tried this...I have the GoPro 3 Black...not plus, like the results, but tired of the battery life and heat issue for what I use it for. Just curious...
  11. Myrt

    Bad trip for the Digger auger carrier.

    I replied earlier that I had never had an issue with my Digger auger carrier, but last week on Lake Winnipeg my auger also came out of the carrier. Thankfully and suprisingly my Solo 3hp was not harmed at all. This happened on the way in for the day, after I put it back on I noticed it would move forward on the carrier after bumps. I assumed this was able to move forward because with the 20 inch extension on, which we needed in some places, the flighting was far enough down that it did not stop the auger from moving forward, for a quick fix I put a vice lock pliers behind the the second shaft resting spot, walaah, 5 more days of fishing and no moving forward or coming off! My thinking is that when the auger moved forward it dropped the head off the resting bracket for the head, bringing the auger shaft down enough that there was no pressure on the cam lock, which then bounced out of place. Without seeing that I can't say for sure, but after vice lock applied we had no further problems. So from here on out I will figure something out, hopfully more secure than vice locks, when I'm running extensions.