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  1. vermilionwally

    whats the biggest fish you have caught ice fishing

    My biggest is an 8lb 6 ounce 31 inch northern on a tip up and smelt on Big Lake. My other best through the ice is a 15 inch crappie.
  2. I didnt hear any shots saturday up by the shack i hunt at up near cook, although i was only out for a couple hours due to the cold. Sunday i only heard 2-3 shots and none that were very close to me. This week ive been hunting a stand on my land near cloquet every evening and heard a couple shots on monday but none since then. Those deer are just too smart for us nowadays
  3. vermilionwally

    High School Ice Fishing Club

    Crappieman, Im a senior at Esko high school, a ways north of the cities, but we also have an ice fishing club at our high school. We started up this club last year although ours isnt as formal as yours, more of just a group of friends who fish and hunt all the time and we get our picture in the yearbook and stuff but thats pretty much it. We call it the Sportsmens team just to include hunting in there too. I could possibly get some guys to make an official ice fishing team and maybe meet up for a contest sometime. How did you guys get those sponsors? Do they actually give you guys gear and stuff? i would be interested in getting something like that started in my school
  4. vermilionwally

    Minnesota Lake Trout

    I would check out Burntside or Sag. Or how about Snowbank.
  5. vermilionwally


    I use smelt on quickstrike rigs under tip ups through the ice and the pike hammer those alot. Maybe a quickstrike rig under a bobber or something would work
  6. vermilionwally

    New to walleyes

    That is a very broad question and what works best as far as depths and presentation will also vary by what lake/river you plan on fishing.
  7. vermilionwally

    Muskie Lures?

    Thanks for the input guys. At this point im just trying to find a good deal on some starter gear that i can afford.
  8. vermilionwally

    Muskie Lures?

    Im just getting started in muskie fishing and was just wondering what lures people would recommend me to get besides a double cowgirl ive heard that one enough lol? I bought a poes giant jackpot in firetiger color but thats the only lure i have so far
  9. vermilionwally

    OPENER TROUT PICS post here

    Wow. I almost had to get the auger out to fish up here in carlton/southern st louis county. Didnt even get a bite today with ice still on most streams around here.
  10. vermilionwally

    Where ya going on stream opener 2008?

    ill probly be fishing the midway river or otter creek up here. It will be miserable fishing up this way with the foot or more of snow were supposed to get and the streams already are way high with some ice still on them, im not really expecting to catch anything
  11. vermilionwally

    2008 Ice-out Status

    I caught my first open water fish of 2008 today. Coho outa lake superior
  12. vermilionwally

    whens it supposed to start???

    Im still catching my crappies in 20-25 feet of water.
  13. vermilionwally


    Are you planning on heading out on the Trout opener? Ill be busy most of that saturday but sunday the 13th i wanna get out maybe on otter that is if the ice melts
  14. vermilionwally

    WCHA Playoffs!!

    Well i believe the gophers swept the mavs earlier this year and im hoping they do the same this time. Go Gophers!!
  15. vermilionwally

    State tournament playoffs

    Originally Posted By: PierBridgeI thinks its awesome that Hill Murray can put together a team that can compete with the bigger schools especially the schools with big youth programs who churn out numbers of kids at every age level for years and years. Big Congrats to the Pioneers for knocking the snot out of both Roseau and Edina two community's where hockey is EVERYTHING from the time they are hatched. The Pioneers played as team and didn't have any real stars to speak of!!!!!!!Awesome! I agree both Warroad who recruits more than anybody and STA should move up to the main show! Its not that hard to put together a team that can beat those other teams when you get to hand pick your players. Theres no way Warroad and Roseau recruit as much as hill and those other rich private schools. Those kids just play hockey from the time they are born and eat and breathe it. Roseau and Warroad actually develop their players through their great youth programs and such they dont just go steal them from other schools when they are already developed. Its nice to see the northern schools still winning the tournament sometimes and it wouldve been nice to see Roseau win it again. Oh well maybe next year. I think they should also get Anoka and Elk River out of section 7, that should be a northern section although it wont matter anyway, between cloquet duluth east and grand rapids they should be able to keep those two out of the state tournament for awhile.