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  1. bassphish2005

    DNR Women in the Outdoors Mentored Archery Hunt

    Turkey hunting is purely addictive-once you experienced it ,you will be hooked for life. And it couldn't hurt that you scored a bird your first season---way to go!
  2. bassphish2005

    WI luck

    Very nice ,I took a bird in both Minn and Wisc. this year...I was very lucky and blessed indeed.
  3. bassphish2005

    Season C

    Well sitting tight was the ticket,puched out a jake Saturday afternoon when sitting on a field edege with three decoys just sitting out and I was 'lounging'ín a blind.Five jakes came running right into the decoy's and I just had to pick one out.It was so warm out and the birds had not been moving since we saw a lone hen in the morning so I decided to punch my ticket on a sure thing.Not a trophy but a bird in the hand sure feels good.
  4. bassphish2005

    Season C

    well,I will see what is happening in my areas when I go on a final scouting mission Friday afternoon.I hope to find a few birds that are moving around and maybe I will sit all day Sat. and just wait.
  5. bassphish2005

    Season C

    Just bought my lic. ,and I am not sure of what to expect...6 inches of snow last night but they are saying 60-70 degrees by the weekend. I dont know if I should be a sit all day hunter,or spend my time ''running and gunning' all over? Any advise?
  6. bassphish2005

    Mn lottery results are available online

    i got robbed {bummer no permit} will just have to be satisfied to hunt Wisconsin this year...
  7. bassphish2005

    WI Turkey Results online today

    ,Just checked,,,, am in= cant wait [email protected]@
  8. bassphish2005

    MN NWTF Looking For More Youth Mentors

    e-mail sent
  9. bassphish2005

    Whats up with my heater?

    I had high speed only,so that is why I changed the resistor[problem and solution right?]....but the problem is still[partially] there,and now I am back too the drawing board with only a two speed[not four] fan one thing that looked funny is all the rust on the old resistor,sits right next too the air conditioner 'canister' and I know there is always condensation in that area,,,,so maybe I am fighting that as well?
  10. Only have low and high speed fan after changing the resistor block in the blower moter on my 2003 v-6 sport trac.Now I have cold and torn fingers and only slightly better heat out of my truck,What did I miss? 1.fuse is good 2.resistor replaced 3.clean up the connections I am at a loss?
  11. bassphish2005

    WISCONSIN Permits Due This Friday!

    Don you are correct=the first two season are out for us out of state non land owners.but with the late spring last year I scored on my Wisc. bird the Saturday of the fishing opener....so I will be appying for the same time this year as well. Minnesota=I always try and get an earlier season....because I CAN WAIT TOO HUNT THEM LONGBEARDS !
  12. bassphish2005

    New zones and rules available

    the new 'zones' did not help me at all....same bounderies of hwy 95 in the north and hwy 169 on the west,all they did was open up the entire north and south metro in the same zone....I am not impressed.
  13. bassphish2005

    Borch's D Season Hunt Recap

    great job,my Mn season D was not as good,weather was awful with all the snow/rain/wind
  14. bassphish2005

    Season D

    Well,I did not score a Mn. bird on season D,weather was poor at best and had a coyote break up my best chance on Sun. May 1st.The only saving grace is I filled mt Wisc. tag last Sat May 7th with a nice bird that had a 7 3/4 in beard and went 19 lbs,so all and all I am happy with turkey season 2011.
  15. bassphish2005

    Season D

    I hope so Gurk,this weather pattern is dragging me down!