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  1. atleast some of his freinds still have his back. unbeleivable mods might take this link off, if so sorry for posting it, I just thought it was relevent to the thread
  2. pretty cool. New england suddenly has a pretty good receiving corp.
  3. I am looking to break into muskie fishing and found a combo of a "Pete Maine Muskie combo" for 149.99 at bass pro shops and I am wondering if anyone else has used this gear. If so, please post your thoughts on the quality of the reel and/or rod. thanks
  4. I wish everyone in the world was exactly like me, then things would be just riiiighhht. Oh well.....
  5. Ronnie Artest would mop the floor with those clowns. Thanks for the link.
  6. Does anyone know where I can see the Basketbrawl, I have been looking around on the www and I cant seem to find it. Maybe some one knows where it can be seen?? Its not on youtube yet.
  7. What do you do with a wolf after you kill it? Do they taste good?
  8. does anyone know if that game will be put on regular tv, if so what network will carry it.
  9. Who cares! Twins aint there! Cards in 6
  10. he does belong in jail. having said that, koren getting three months before he has to start his sentence is not all that uncommon. If you had a decent lawer you would be able to get a simialer deal, if you could could prove contractual prior engagements, even with a probation violation.
  11. I for one am a diehard twins fan and would never ever ever ever think of chearing for or congratulating any other team(except for the padres, and not when their playing the twins in the series..long story), especially the whitesox. I hated the fact that they won the whole thing last year and I am happy that it was clearly a fluke. Why would windy and jim or any other sux fan cheer for or congratulate the twins and there fans?? thats crazy, there sux fans. Frank thomas killed us today, and Bonser better figure out a way to get him out tommorrow, I have faith that he will. If we can contain him
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