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  1. Limit, for someone who seems to demand a certain level or thinks your entitled to it why don't you demand that your favorite team move up to the top level instead of beating the likes of the Richmond Spiders and other schools most people have never heard of on your way to another title game. I have nothing against NDSU its a nice school my nephew played football there and my niece was on the national championship softball team there, neither one goes on and on like you about the bison like you, they still follow them but they don't seem to need the attention you do. Go back and look at some of your posts pictures of steam rollers etc, and we are supposed to take you seriously when you say something? Carry on doing what you do here if that's what gives you enjoyment I guess
  2. Its easy to second guess but I think Zim have should have went for the field goal in that situation your in Blair's range. I was sitting there thinking he was going to get sacked before the play happened. With that said I was expecting them to get blown out last night just going to have to see how the rest of the season plays out.
  3. I am not going to complain about the refereeing last night I do think the Cards got screwed on the roughing call also. The no call on Griffen canceled out the no call on the Teddy face mask, The Refs kept their flags in their pockets for most of the night which Like. I thought it was a good clean game played last night. Turnovers at bad times was the main thing last night.
  4. swampman

    Go Tide!

    Has the looks of a good game to me I don't watch Bama a real lot but they sure look to play great D and can run you over running the ball. I think the front 7 of both defenses is close to a wash. I think MSU is going to have more trouble running the ball than BAMA, if Cook can get some time to throw the ball this should be a close game. I think the opening point spread drops in half by game time. BAMA by 3 in a defensive battle but who knows there's been so many crazy games this year, all the big games look to be good matchups
  5. There are far to many bowl games and this is a result of that. Bowl games in this day and age aren't really a reward anymore outside of the playoff and the new years six, throw in another maybe another 10 decent bowl after that. Its business not a reward in most cases, just the nature of the beast I think they should probably ax at least 10 bowl games. With that said if 6 wins is the big cut off whats the big deal with the gophers accepting the bid, like a 6 win team is that much bigger deal or a 8 win MAC conference record being in a bowl game for instance considering competition, it looks good on paper I guess. Gophers are kind of in a no win situation in this game they win and its a "so what" considering their record and who they are playing, they lose and the haters really pile on. LIMIT I imagine the Bison will continue to do well in the playoffs but most of America really doesn't care that much, Sorry
  6. Still hurting from the college playoffs Dave? you seem kind of crabby. I didn't see a whole bunch of pie in the sky responses from anyone here about this years recruiting class. They got some kids that look intriguing, time will tell. The chances of getting a 5 star kid here are about zero unless by chance this state produces one some day and he decides to stay. 20-30 5 star kids a year get split amongst the top 5 or 10 perennial powerhouses, always been that way and imagine it always will. You conveniently picked the lowest rankings you could find but being a SEC homie you probably didnt look past espn. Most rankings I saw had them 10 to 15 spots higher not that it matters that much, get past the top 20 or so and I don't know that its that big of deal. lucky to get some 2 star players? cmon thats talk and you know it, expected better out of you thats more Limitouts turf or something RRR would have slung if he were still here with the rest of the trolls
  7. swampman

    Go Bison!

    Yep a total of one kid that had as much as a preferred walk on offer from the Gophers, the horror of it all, meanwhile the land of "milk and honey" couldn't keep their states best recruit in his home town to play football, he said wanted to challenge himself at a higher level, where did he go again?
  8. swampman

    Go Bison!

    Any chance you will be moving back to wherever you came from?
  9. Nick. I know what kind of surface is on the field, but to think the weather that day wasn't a bit of a equalizer is a stretch for me. The Gophers played good that day and made the most of OSU's mistakes. I just think the Gophers caught OSU in a good situation that day, if they go to Ohio State this year and hang anywhere near that close I guess I am wrong. I Just don't think anyone should buy into the illusion that just because we only lost by a touchdown that day that we are better or as good as any of the teams OSU has beat by a larger margin recently.
  10. I said basically the same thing after the gophers loss to Wisconsin. The thought of playing OSU on a indoor fast field wasn't something that gave me the warm fuzzies. The Gophers made some improvements this year even though their record was the same, we will have to see what the ceiling is under the Kill era I just cant envision ever competing year in and out with the big boys in the conference. Hope I am wrong
  11. who you sell to if you don't mind saying
  12. To many variables to give you a good answer, some fur isn't worth much no matter what you do to it. Generally (in a decent year) which this isn't you will gain a little money for skinning plus it doesn't take up as much room. I think you should talk to a fur buyer.
  13. Assuming your not just yanking my chain In the round= whole animal Green= skinned Put up= Stretched and dried
  14. DON'T tan them if you want to sell to a buyer they DON'T buy tanned fur.
  15. You can either sell them to a buyer in the round, skinned or stretched and dried, local buyers or the auction houses don't but tanned fur from trappers. As far as what most people do it varies from person to person there is no right or wrong way.
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