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  1. huntmup

    Going to be able to participate here soon!!

    Congrats on the puppy. What are you getting? Dan
  2. Good question!! would the overheat and low oil buzzer sound the same? The motor is shooting a good stream of water so that would tell me it should not be over heating. But then I am not a mechanic. Dan
  3. The oil reservoir is full and the warning buzzer will sound after the motor has been running for a short period of time. I will shut the motor down, wait for a while, re-start the motor and the buzzer will stop. This may or may not repeat itself. What do I do to solve this problem? Thanks for the help. Dan
  4. huntmup


    The 08 800,s are going for around $6,200. That is not helping. The accessories, one should be able to get 1/2 the purchase price pending state of condition or maybe more. With the new 08 800,s at $6,200 and mine having 435 miles on it, OUCH. $5,5.5 plus accessories. Again OUCH. Jumping up to an XP w/EPS would be nice but I may have to just jump out. Dan
  5. huntmup


    If or when, I mean when I get a new one, the accessories will not carry over to the new machine. Well, I guess the PIAA's will. Dan
  6. huntmup

    Congrats to Team #8 Turkey Champs!

    Congrats to team 8. Good job guys . Dan
  7. huntmup


    What would be a fair asking price as is? PLEASE opinions ONLY.I don't want to be squashed by the police . I will post an add in the classifieds when I figure out a price. Thank you for the help. Dan 2008 POLARIS SPORTSMAN 800 EFI Color – STELTH Rims – 14x27 ITP-212/Black Tires - ITP-Mudlite XTR’s Winch – Warn RT30 w/Synthetic Rope & Wireless Control PIAA 510 SMR Fog & Running Lights Front Brush Guard & Rear Bumper Front & Rear Rack Extenders Lock & Ride Windshields – 19.25” Clear & 9.5” Black Lock & Ride Rear Cargo Box w/Backrest & Side Bags Ram Handle Bar Mount for GPS Auger Mount on Front Rack Gun Scabbard Hand Guards 2 – Kolpin JR Fuel Packs 435 Miles on Machine 6/11/09 – Changed Engine Oil & Filter, Front & Rear Gearcase and Transmission Oil. Coolent-Good, Brakes-Good and Coolent Fan Good. Runs Great. 2008 POLARIS SPORTSMAN 800 EFI
  8. huntmup

    pictures of your wheeler

    Josh, Nice addition to the wheeler. I see wifey still has her 800. Is she getting any closer to that 850? Dan
  9. huntmup

    Another dog food thread

    Has anyone tried the Loyall line of dog food by Nutrena? It's a Cargill product.
  10. huntmup

    Team #4 "TOMINATORS"

    Don, look on page 3 or 4
  11. huntmup

    pictures of your wheeler

    The brushguard and piaa's look sweet. Keep talking and my 800 will be gone sooner then later . Dan
  12. huntmup

    pictures of your wheeler

    I hear ya on the gas cans Did the piaa's come factory installed or did you add them? The EPS with tracks should be huge for meneuvering when moving snow. Dan
  13. huntmup

    Own a Polaris, click here!

    Got it!! Living together is much cheeper then dating.
  14. huntmup

    Own a Polaris, click here!

    Josh, You said wifey still has 08-800, last I heard girlfriend had 08-800 . Dan
  15. huntmup

    pictures of your wheeler

    Josh, Congrats on the new ride. Nice looking rims. Have you had the tracks on it yet? With the fuel pack on front and no rack extentions, where will the auger be mounted? Brushguards look sweet. How are the Piaa's mounted? After running 300+ miles with the tracks on my machine this past winter, the XP with EPS would be the way to go. Dan