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  1. lots of smokes!! and a big thing of coffee
  2. winter_grizz


    Just try and get the wind and the sun to your back set out your spread exactly like the geese are in the field. you should be fine but there is a chance that they could land short of you but that's how it goes. if they do land in the field don't let them stay too long or else any other geese flying by will land with them and not you, its hard to compete with live birds good luck
  3. winter_grizz


    i have heard that too, but like others have said if you cant do it in 3 the 4th is jst waisting money.
  4. winter_grizz


    you looking for single reed or a double?
  5. Albino birds are seldomly seen or shot but it is more commen for a bird to be albino than a mammal. so if i shot a deer or something like that then i would mount it but i guess its all about what you think.
  6. winter_grizz

    Semi Auto

    I bought a Winchester SuperX3 last spring and i love that thing! never jams and is light weight. this spring i took it out snow goose hunting and we crawled through muck every day and by the end of the trip it never jamed once, thats more than i can say for benellis that went through the mud. not saying that they are not quality guns but I would go with the SX3, and they are only like $900 so it would save you some money!
  7. winter_grizz

    spring snow goose

    what do you all have to have to hunt snow geese for the spring hunt. is my fedral stamp good from 07 or do i need a new one??? thanx
  8. Has anyone ever taken a full body goose decoy and taken the foot base off and instead of using the real motion cones that GHG makes and used a pop bottle top and glued it in there?? I know you can buy kits but wont this be doing the same thing?
  9. We have done that in snow storms and that sux but if its good weather thats not that bad.
  10. winter_grizz

    MN REGGS???

    exactly what i wanted to know! I thought for some reason that you could not do that so i never did and i was shell changing every 5 seconds until i just say screw it and shoot that teal with 3 1/2 T shot. i hunt mostly fields so extra room is no problem. the only problem i see is having to clean two gun now.
  11. Does it say any were in the regs that you can only have one gun in the field with you. I have always thought that you can only have one gun with you but just I have never seen it in the book saying you cant have more than one gun.
  12. winter_grizz

    duck hunting rivers?

    O yea, i love hunting on the Mississippi. We get lots of good shooting on the river.. Find a sandbar or smaller islands were there is some rice and the birds are probably going to be hanging out near that.
  13. saw this on the Avery forum and thought that it was a good story to show ya. I just have a great story to share. Last week an ironworker buddy of mine fell 13 ft off a scissor lift and broke his pelvis and wrist. Unfortunately he is gonna miss the majority of the season. Thats the bad part of the story. The neat part is that as friends we wanted to do something nice for our bud. We put in a call to Jeff Foiles, my buddy's favortie call maker. We found out he was in Canada and decided to email him about having a call made for him, and possibly getting Jeff to give him a call in the hospital. In the email we included out buddy's name and a number where he could be reached. We thought it would be cool if eventually my buddy heard from Foiles. About 3 hours later my buddy called and told us that Jeff Foiles had called him in the hospital and offered to send him a care package to make his healing a little easier. Now I persoanlly think that Jeff Foiles really showed a lot of class and character here. He did more to cheer up our buddy than I would have ever expected. I would like to publicly thank Jeff Foiles for cheering up my buddy during a time he is really bummed out, thanx. Jim from Nebraska
  14. winter_grizz

    Minor question????

    yea Not only does North Dakota get ya good on the price of a hunting license, they also do a good job getting you to spend lots in the court too. I know in MN that its just a fine of $180 and thats that.
  15. Tim Grounds "SWEET-MEAT". good sounding call only like $50 but if your ok with spending the money the XR-2 is the way to go, for me anyways.