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  1. Ya, they think they're pretty funny. I also like the footage of the dogs working the corn while the guys push the field. It will be fun to do this over a period of time so you can watch previous hunts and reminisce.
  2. Had fun playing with two new toys in the field last week. Hunting was great as always. Lots of memories made! pheasant hunting go pro drone
  3. Living in the cities (and sioux falls for that matter) for a portion of my life, I had to get used to sharing fishing spots with other fisherman as well as pleasure boaters, jet-skis, paddleboats, canoes, kayaks and everything in-between. None of my spots were secret at all. Most of my "honey holes" people overlooked, or thought I was fishing for a different species of fish. Even when I was on "traditional" structure or community holes I had my best days doing or using something different than the masses. My point is that if people asked me where I caught a fish, I would tell them, and they never believed me. Whether they were fishing in the masses next to me, or blowing past me to fish some of those classic looking spots- it didn't matter. I would have to physically take them out and show them, and THAT is something I only do with people I trust. I have no problem naming lakes or even spots, but I don't readily give up my technique. I have also found/noticed over the years that most honey holes don't last. Low water, high water, temps, etc...dictate where and when fish hold in spots. There are bodies of water of water where fish use the same exact locations from year to year, but never does it happen at the exact same time of year. Most people don't understand that and arrive too late to the party.
  4. Was very fortunate to catch a smallmouth of a lifetime yesterday evening. Fish was caught in SD btw... The fish measured 20", unfortunately I did not have a scale. Let her go for another to catch. Might get a replica, haven't decided yet.
  5. Found this behind my in-laws house! Haven't found the matchset...yet.
  6. It's been a tough one out there this winter, at least for me. Lots of tiny perch and pike on S lake, and I've only been able to find small walleyes on N lake. I think I might head out there this weekend for one final ice fishing outing. I know they aren't building the new ramp anymore, but is there some sort of public access in the same location (N shore of N lake)? Never driven over there to see what it looks like.
  7. 2005 Silverado: 111,000 2012 Malibu: 21,000 Lets just say that I drive the silverado, and my wife just got the malibu this past summer. Looks like I will be driving the silverado for a LONG time! Haha no...we will both be driving these two vehicles for a while!
  8. I have experienced great fishing running my plugs close to the boat in the kicker motor's prop-wash. I have also had off-shore boards out produce the long-line countless times. I too believe it depends on the body of water.
  9. Thanks guys, that is good to know! I have been hunting for quite a few years, but my dad (and out hunting party) is just starting practicing QDM on his land. This has included growing plots, cameras, and the whole nine yards. I shot a dandy off the property in 2010- and we know there are good genetics around, but I am having a hard time judging old vs young, and the "hit" list from ones that we should let live. It's tough since I live 6hrs away, but it sure is fun getting pictures via email or texts! Without any prior knowledge, would you say take him, or give him another year? Is there any science when you haven't watched him grow up?
  10. The first nice buck that my dad has gotten on camera this year. Looks young to me, wonder what he will look like next year if he makes it!
  11. It was crazy busy yesterday. Here's another pic of the crowd...
  12. I can't predict the bite, but Roy lake sounds like a good option for you. Roy lake resort is a decent place to stay and has appropriate amenities for what your looking for.
  13. I had a Little Canada city police officer pull me over while I was pulling out of my college apartment parking lot for my window tint being too dark. I told him that I bought the vehicle that way (which I did), and his response was, "well, now that I know where you live, I am going to park outside your apartment tomorrow and if you don't have the tint removed, I will ticket you." The next day I got pulled over and sure enough, got a ticket for around a hundred bucks! I will never try and call a cops bluff again!! After getting the ticket I still had to remove the tint...if I were you, I would just take it off!
  14. I had Artistic Anglers do my 25 in. brook trout and once I stepped foot inside that building, I won't be going anywhere else for a fish mount! I grew up only a couple miles away and always enjoyed stepping into that place from time to time. Great bunch of guys that do great work. Here is my brookie...
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