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  1. I'll give you $150 for it if you ship it to my house.
  2. Electric carts are very very nice, their also very expensive to fix and or modify if your into that. I own a few gas carts and they have plenty of torque to go up hills and even pull small boats out of the lake. If you go with gas get a twin cylinder 4-stroke, their very reliable.
  3. So does the DNR still plan to raise the limit to 56" on select lakes in the state by 2016?
  4. Lets say your running two(24v)or three batteries(36V),is it neccessary to brake in new batteries? If so what's the proper way to do this.
  5. for you guys that install these things I have a question, I have a Fujitsu 18000 BTU ton & a half, it was installed last spring, the a/c seemed to work last summer but this past fall when I tried the heat it ran for about 5 minutes then quit. The tech has been out here 5 times trying to get it to work, he replaced boards, sensors ect. Fujitsu seems to think it's a Freon charge problem or restriction of some type. Last time the guy came out to fix it he drained all the Freon out of it and it was to cold to recharge it, it's been sitting all winter with no Freon in it. If he installed it with the wrong size line set would that create a problem? or any other ideas?
  6. Had a new mini split installed last year, it cost about $2200 installed. I received quotes as high as $3300
  7. The jet is probably at the bottom of the carb bowl,looks like a screw with a spring, turn the screw counter clockwise a little until it runs like it should, if you turn it to much it will be rich and flood.
  8. Check us out on Lake Vermilion
  9. I picked up a couple 8 1/2 foot (telescopic) Mr. Walleye rods at Reeds a couple years ago and I use them for lead core trolling, I would think you could use them with boards also.
  10. no need to buy more cables just buy one of these for 5 bucks mini for the tablet and micro for the Go Pro.
  11. If you have kids you might want to check out a NABI Tablet, not only is it for kids but it doubles for a regular tablet for adults, it runs on the android (ice cream sandwich) operating system. It has a mini hdmi hook up and it works great with net flix hooked up to my 37 lcd. I have a 10' cable with a micro and mini hdmi on one end and the standard hdmi (to hook up to the tv) on the other end. No GPS
  12. I have a 8 X 12 house with a 10,000 BTU Empire direct vent, works great with the optional fan, without the fan the holes furthest from the heater would freeze, I have no problem getting the house up to 70 degrees when it's -20 outside. Buy the biggest heater you have space for and can afford.
  13. Good ones,keep them comming. I like trying different recipes, the brown sugar rub sounds interesting, I've always mixed the brown suger with the salt and water then leave it to soak over night. I like the idea of 4-8 hours, I'll try that also with kosher salt in a zip loc.
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