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  1. Sportsmens Direct has some pretty good prices on tungsten!
  2. I agree with Hawg, get a decent priced tablet with GPS capabilities and purchase the Navionics app
  3. City Limits Deer Hunting Bob Bohland It is no secret that many metropolitan areas hold large amounts of deer. To the average homeowner, they can be a huge problem. They eat a lot of decorative plants and love to spend time in the middle of roads. We have all seen them in our neighborhoods, and wish we could pull the trigger on them. Well, let me tell you a secret, if you are a bowhunter, you can take a crack at some of these deer, and there are some monsters in the metro! The privilege to hunt in populated areas can change from year to year, and often requires a lot of research and
  4. A custom rod would be your best bet
  5. Britt brought me home a barely past prime Chicken the other day and it was fantastic cooked with a little butter, cayenne, and basil. This is the first wild mushroom she has had besides morels, and I didnt have the heart to tell her it might not be good. But after it was cooked up, she devoured a lot of it and is on the lookout for more.
  6. I have subscriptions to both. Like was said before Hulu Plus has a better selection of newer TV/classic movies, while Netflix has newer movies and older TV shows. I watch them all through my ROKU player which has a lot of other free channels such as Crackle. There are also several outdoors channels on the ROKU that allow me to get my fishing and hunting fix. I refuse to pay the ridiculous fee for cable or dish with how little I watch TV, so the $16/month for Hulu Plus and Netflix for unlimited entertainment on demand is worth it to me.
  7. deerminator, did you get your app in for the city of St Cloud? The first 200 who applied were in. Some great properties available for hunting. Also, if you are over 18, you can take the course online and then go to a field day for your supervised portion.
  8. not MBRB hunts, but i will be doing the St Cloud City hunt and the St Johns Arboretum
  9. Captain, sorry for your loss, If you need any dog help this fall let me know, we can put you on some birds.
  10. Wide swaths of lily-pads, as far as the eye can see. For a bass guy, this can pretty close to heaven come summer/early fall, but for panfisherman all it normally amounts to is a dense jungle offering nothing but the ability to steal every jig in your arsenal and leave you pouting and heading for deeper water. There are ways to fish the pads, and they hold some amazing bluegills and crappies, but it takes a little bit of patience, the ability to improvise, and being ok with catching a few bass along the way. bob bohlandI discovered this tactic more by sheer annoyance and curiosity than anyth
  11. Forgot to mention, she is also very good at retrieving fishing rods for me:
  12. yep, but the little jerk has figured out that since she gets a treat every time she does it, she should hide it so that only she can find it.
  13. My response to the comment section (you can guess how I answered to the rest of it): I would love to see certain lakes go beyond the 5 or 10 sunfish regulations and allow no/maybe one sunfish over a certain size limit allowed to be kept. This regulation could be raised every 3-7 years as the population potentially grows. Look at the science of it, sunfish often do not grow much once they reach sexual maturity. By allowing the harvest of smaller sunfish and encouraging the release/stocking of larger males you could ensure good populations for future generations. Surprisingly, there is a cul
  14. My future FIL informed me of a fishing contest at his work in which the largest of 4 different species won prizes. He told me what sizes won the last round for each species and I told him to be ready this Saturday and we were going to make a run for the bluegill title for him. I got to their place around 10pm on Friday after a long day at work. We discussed a game plan and went to bed. Left around 730 am for the 140 mile drive. Arrived to find that apparently word got out aboot this little spot, but we were determined to fish anyways. Our first spot yielded nothing more than small perch an
  15. Brittany entered our youngest dog River into the Land 'O Lakes Kennel Club Dog show at the St. Paul RiverCentre this past weekend under rally obedience. I didn't really understand the whole "look at what my dog can do, give me some ribbons" mentality at first but under the insistence of the group we train with River was set to perform for 3 days. A little background on River: I found her on a farm near Grey Eagle, Mn thanks to a sign in the front yard that simply read: "Free Puppies" Of course when you see a sign like that, you can't hep but stop and play with them. So after work, Britt and
  16. I see your location is Big Lake? I have two great bird dogs in St Cloud, let me know when you wanna hit the fields....
  17. Eric's Laker blanks are very nice, I will attest to that
  18. I too, was looking at the Chromebook. My main concern was that most of the storage for the unit was to be cloud-based. My main use for a laptop is internet, video (Hulu and Netflix), and word-processing. With the cloud-storage they have for most of your information, I was concerned with when I do my writing away from an internet signal. For me, it was an easy decision deciding between a Chromebook and a netbook that costs $40 more but has internal storage. When my christmas bonus comes, I know which netbook I will be getting
  19. i was catching walleyes last night on the Black Betty reel with a Quiverstick for my jigging rod and the Black Betty combo for my bobber rod
  20. A couple of the things I look for are action (Heavy, medium, light or ultra-light) and speed (slow, moderate, mod-fast, etc). There obviously several other factors involved but these are the main two I look at when sizing up rods. I prefer slower action rods for crappies and jigging spoons for walleyes and faster actions rods for bobber fishing walleyes and sunfish (obviously action is dependent on species). Some of my favorites are Thorne Bros Quiverstick and powernoodle on the high end, and 13's Black Betty and Wicked on the mid-range. Here is an example of how the speed of a rod will loo
  21. Blackdog, It is hard to beat Thorne Bros Ice Rod blanks for building. They may not be as cheap as some you will find on the internet, but you know they quality.
  22. So last year Brittany got into upland bird hunting. She loved hunting grouse and pheasant (even though she didnt shoot a pheasant in last year's down season). Last November while we were out walking the dogs in the field behind our place she was able to watch a couple goose hunters drop some birds out of the sky, and she immediately said, "I want to do that!!" So we got her all geared up this summer so she would be ready come early goose and duck opener. I even talked her into going to the DU banquet in Crosby where she won a print of the 2012 federal stamp. After winning the print, she made i
  23. Yes I go to the retriever classes too. I also wrote an article aboot the training methods used that is in the September issue of Midwest Outdoors if you want to learn a little more.
  24. Currently Have: Otter Lodge Insulated with LED light setup Marcum Lx-7 Strikemaster Honda 8" TB quiverstick, power noodle, and sweet pea Kahtoola cleats Several Princeton Tech headlamps 2 13-fishing Black Betty combos Arctic Armor Suit Carhart suit Lowrance H2O GPS Cold Snap rod holders Several Rose Creek Boxes full of tackle Otter sled Strikemaster Glide-lite Plan to Buy: Lx-9 Otter Cabin Otter rod case or two 4-wheeler or sled 13-fishing's new prototype reel New GPS and leaning towards a Striker suit this year...
  25. +1 on the retriever classes. The head trainer Cathy, has worked wonders with my two dogs (both mutts). We were even able to fix the older one's habit of dropping birds at my feet.
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