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  1. The GreenHorn Bass Tour has a new Wednesday Night series this season and will basically be running a tournament every wednesday throughout the summer from June through August. One series is a true "greenhorn" division for the more recreational angler and the other series is the "ADVANCED" series basically open to all anlgers of all skill levels. The GreenHorn bass tour has some great new sponsors this year and if your team wins the ADVANCED Divison TOC you win free entry into the Frankies Pro Team event in August ($600.00 value). Spots are still available for all wednesday night and sunday series. Search Greenhorn bass tour in google and signup online. This is a great competitive local opportunity, a sportsmans league, and a great group of friends. Dont be discouraged by the term GreenHorn, these guys know how to fish!
  2. 74mph

    Open Tournaments?

    The GreenHorn Bass Tour has spots available for any angler. There is the GreenHorn Sunday and Wednesday series for beginner/intermediate and weekend warriors as well as the Advanced Sunday series for advanced (or any) anglers. There are still spots available in all three series. These tournaments are intended on helping anglers learn from eachother while keeping a competitive spirit alive. These are low cost, low stress events for a good time.
  3. 74mph

    ATV Tracks

    I had the same problem! I wanted both an ATV and Snowmobile but dont have room to store both. I also didnt want to maintain two machines. So I got the ATV and track kit. I havent had it out fishing yet. My ATV doesnt have power steering and it is hard to steer if you are not on a slick surface, especially if you are going slow. Since I'm planning on using the tracks in winter only I dont think this will be an issue. There is a fair amount of snow that blows up, however I found that the faster I go the better it was. It will only go about 40 top speed on tracks (72 on wheels), but this was a pretty nice ride in the 15 inches of snow we had a couple of weeks ago. My biggest issue is that I dont think re-sale on a track kit is going to be all that great. I feel like had I bought a snowmobile I could always make a decent portion of my money back. With a used track kit I feel like I am going to basically loose at least half of that investment. I guess the bright side is that the track kit can't blow up like a snowmobile could.
  4. 74mph

    Club Tournaments

    Thanks Deitz! We have about 3 more spots left on the sunday series for anyone who fits the "Greenhorn" criteria. Wednesdays are tentatively full but not everyone has paid so if you're interested let me know!
  5. 74mph

    Club Tournaments

    I would tell you about a great club in the forest lake area but Deitz would kick me out if I told you. Check in classic bass and its under green something.
  6. How are the water temps in the shallows? Any large mouth moving up to spawn in the west lake channels? How about the smallie bite? Any info would be awesome. I am headed down there in a week and hoping to put a few of the green or bronze fish in the boat.
  7. Mine would have to be fishing each day individually, follow insinct, and move around more.
  8. 74mph

    Best Fishing RainCoat

    Thanks for all of the responses - you guys are great! I have looked briefly at Cableas but I dont think that I have seen these yet. Does anyone know of specific models that are good for summer? Are they even selling them right now in the off season? I see several insulated versions online right now. I dont mind a little bulk. I am currently using a Stearns which is a little bulkier, but I like the toughness. Only problem with it is that the bottom of the pockets are blown out and there is a torn seem. So bottom line tough material doesnt equal tough construction. Ill check out the ones you guys have suggested. Thanks for the help.
  9. 74mph

    Best Fishing RainCoat

    I've been looking to replace my rain gear for next season but I'm having a hard time finding something that I think I will like. I've got a couple of good rainpants that I like but the Rain coat is realy what I am after. What rain coat do you guys recommend for fishing? Has anyone tried the new underarmor coat?
  10. Except those dog-fish can really mess up your boat, if you know what I mean!
  11. I've got a Quantum PT Smoke 100 reel that I bought this spring. It seems that the bearings are going out in one of the tabs on the handle. It feels rough and is crazy noisy. I am suspecting it was a corrosion issue but havent taken it apart to tell. I am wondering if I should work with the Quantum customer service to get this fixed since its less than a year old. Anyone else worked with Quantum folks before? I should have just bought the Curado or the Revo to begin with!
  12. Finally I put some tanks in the boat sunday! Thanks RK and the guys for keeping me motivated out there. I managed to find a good school of 3 and 4 lb fish stacked up in the shallows. They were setup against cat tails that still had some green in them combined with 3FOW, pads, and some thin mill-foil. It was a half oz outkast RTJig in blue/black for me also, seemed to do the trick well. I also managed one off a doc. Surface temp was just under 47deg. Saturday was a little different story. I fished a chisago area lake and found several fish up shallow. I could see them, just couldnt make them bite too well. I must have seen over 50 bass that were well over 3lbs. I did manage one on a half oz outkast rt jig in camo and caught another on a 3 inch senko jig worm. Both were about 17.5 inches. The fish seemed very flighty so I did my best to make long casts. It seemed that these fish were tightly schooled where there was good hard structure mixed with weeds in 1-4FOW. I am guessing the blue-bird sky didnt help. I coudlnt get anything to bit a fast moving bait all weekend. The best bite was from about 10 - 3.
  13. Thanks RK - I could definently spend more time with the crank bait. This is something that I havent been doing. I was so focused this summer on pounding a deep crank over rocks that I have almost forgotten about them for a search tool over shallower areas. It would be great to find some nice green weeds on the crankbait. I typically throw rapala DT series crankbaits DT6, 10, 14 and 16. I would assume this time of year I am going to be looking in that 6 - 14 foot range so Ill be throwing those depth cranks. This should make for a pretty fun weekend!
  14. RK - When you are fishing jigs like you say in the Fall. Are you just making short casts and letting it fall near the boat or are you making longer casts and hopping it back to you? Also how much weed growth should you be looking for. Since the weeds are dying back I was trying to find weeds in the 8-10 ft range over the weekend and "hop" the jig through. That wasnt working for me so I tried shallower thick cover with short casts just sinking it to the bottom and yo-yoing a few times. Still nothing. Water was about 50-51deg throughout the lake. I need some advice to try something else - got a little burned out over the weekend with only one bass in the boat.
  15. Thanks everyone for the input! I did actually use this rod in the past for Jigs and even before that I used it for spinnerbaits. It did work well for jigs but I went with a longer rod to help my hook-up percentage. I think I will give it a go as a spinnerbait rod again. I think I will pair it with a 6.2:1 reel.
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