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  1. The CWD 'outbreak' in the 4 counties in the NW part of Wisconsin I believe is one case in the NW part of Barron County, or some where close to where those counties all meet. All counties within X miles (40 miles?) of a positive result are considered CWD counties. For the year or two after the found positive in that area the MN DNR did test deer in the neighboring MN area(s.) I was hunting in both Burnett County, WI and east of Hinckley, MN in the year the positive test was found. It's been awhile, the numbers might be off, but that was generally what happened. How much money do you want our DNR to spend on so few positive results so far away?
  2. Opening morning find a new place to hunt, and find a non-hunting friend that wants to do a lot of target practice near this guy's place. Really like your bulldozing idea. Be careful about changing water course and damming him in.
  3. Land area: 79,610.08 sq. mi. Water area: 7,328.79 sq. mi. Total area: 86,938.87 79,610.08 x .75 = 59,707.56 Last year we had a harvest about 142,000 (right?). So the we are on pace to harvest about 200,000 deer this year? Something seems off in the figuring. If we have about 20,000 more deer killed this year it would equal about .25 deer per square mile more than last year.
  4. I am just a c idee-it these days with no good knowledge of any one zone, so my observations are fairly worthless. Hunted zone 172 for the first time ever this year, it is Lottery. Seemed to be some does and fawns around, and a ton of hunters. Our party of 8, with really only 5 somewhat hard core hunters, got 2 bucks opening weekend. The one youth in the party decided to pass on a doe wanting a buck. My opinion is that lottery is the correct designation for this area. Also did a day of hunting in 223 in a state forest. Some deer sign, but not much. The area was Hunter Choice and that is probably correct for the private land in the area, but this chunk of public could use some Bucks Only for a couple years. Finally did some hunting in 159, Lottery this year. Saw some deer sign, but very little. With the potential of the area the area should be Bucks Only for a few years to hopefully get the deer numbers up. Got thinking a bit about wolves and how we now manage deer differently after a harsh winter. It used to be that the deer season was closed during low deer population years. Now hunters get to still hunt bucks. The wolves don't have regulations, and just eat whatever deer is put in front of them. With hunters shooting most of the bucks in an area, the only thing left is does for the wolves to eat. If we closed our deer season completely it would save many does from wolves as the wolves would have bucks to eat, too. Under the current regulations of allowing buck harvest and not allowing wolf harvest we may never see the deer herd rebound in wolf country even without shooting does. ..........I don't know, maybe too much time to think for me on stand.
  5. No. Shooting too many deer (that may be the only doe you see) and using the excuse that your are doing so because you need the venison and then pass up a fresh roadkill is supposed to be a bad thing.
  6. These aren't mine, didn't have anything to do with making them and I know I can't do better. Seems like maybe you could do better, care to try and share your ideas? And I kind of like the last one. Probably my best chance at putting some venison in the freezer this year.
  7. The turtles have fruited. Found a small saucer shaped hole in the ground that the baby turtles must of crawled through within the last 48 hours. Garden year 2015 was a good one for the tomatoes, sunflowers, and turtles.
  8. Jameson

    new regs

    If anyone has an early leak of the regs please share it here!!! Thanks!
  9. Accidentally left the gate open on the garden a couple nights ago and woke in the morning to find a snapping turtle laying her eggs in my garden . So it appears that in about 90 days if all goes well that I will have a batch of snapping turtles . Darn momma turtle had to plant them right in front of my gate too, she couldn't even plant in one of the rows .
  10. I live across the street from Tonka and had planned to pretty much give up spearing, at least not put my own house out next year. Now I am building a new spearhouse and am excited for the upcoming season. Those big Tonka carp should be fun, and finding clear water not stacked with other spearhouses near home might not suck. An fyi for those going to spear Tonka, there is a rule of having no ice blocks on the ice. So either push your block under, or be prepared to load it in the back of your truck. link to LMCD winter rules pdf, page 3 What lakes still have a spearing ban? Pleasant?
  11. CPR equals Catch Photo Release, correct? The difference with spearing is that photographing that big pike without accidentally killing it is an option. As far as catching a trophy fish and keeping it for a trophy, that would require killing the fish no matter the method of catching it. Unless we are talking replica's, and those don't require even catching the fish, just make up some dimensions with a pic and you got a replica.
  12. nope, Smithtown Bay. Anyone thinking they now need to go to Smithtown Bay for all the muskies, think again. We have been seeing them all over the lake. They seem to be attracted to our dock installing activity. Not sure if it is the floats in the water, or the pinging noise from pounding pipe, but they seem to hunt us at times.
  13. no,,,,,,,,,but I am not out there fishing, I am installing docks. Haven't seen many LM bass or sunnies at all. Those are the only two species I will usually see on nests. Also thanks for the replies everyone. I have a very short very clear video, too. But don't think that would actually help anyone here.
  14. Got a pic today of the same fish from yesterday. It has a big mark on the head, and many smaller marks on the body. Also a tag in its tail.
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