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  1. TimBuck2

    Mothers day chow

    I did a 70 hr., 133F cook on a Brisket, Sous Vide after a 2 hr cold smoke with Mesquite. Best Brisket Sammies I've ever had. Made an Au Jus with Beef Stock, Onions, Roasted Garlic and the Juices from the Bag when I cracked it open. Dipped the Bun in the Au Jus, Couple slabs of Beef, a few Onions, a little Horseradish, and a light drizzle of Blackberry Blaze BBQ Sauce. Cowboy Beans and Cole Slaw on the side.
  2. TimBuck2

    Cabo San Lucas

    Thanks for the advice Traveler.
  3. TimBuck2

    Cabo San Lucas

    OK so I'm now 15 days from my trip and as luck would have it one of the guys had his Cancer flare up and he had to go on radiation therapy again. He's not going to feel up to getting on the water. That leaves 4 possible and more than likely just me and the wife. That drops us out of the fancy 1000/day outfits. I'm looking to spend around 500.00 including tip. Now this may seem like a silly question, but what kind of bathroom facilities do the smaller rigs offer? My wife always seems to have a #1 or #2 attack at the most inopportune times. Striped Marlin is my hope, but an In Shore trip for Dorado and Roosters or whatever is hungry is acceptable. All advice is appreciated. TB2
  4. TimBuck2

    lowrance h20 with lakemaster chip?

    OK.... Glad you figured it out, but did you go back to the Manual that came with the unit? I spent many years as Tech Support for people that don't read the directions on way more complicated systems as these GPS devices. Please Read your manuals. If you don't get one, there is one available online from the manufacturer 99% of the time. Guys are netorious for playing with it till you get it, but you might miss something important if you don't go through the manual.
  5. TimBuck2

    Strike Lite vs Lazer Mag Performance

    I don't have any experience with the Lazer Mag, But I'm on my third year with my Strike Lite and have nothing bad to say about it. It does take a little while to warm up but that's fairly typical of a 4 Stroke. I did swap out the Synthetic Bit for a 224 bit and like that much better. The warm up time will probably be your only issue even if you stick with the original bit. You HAVE to clear the ice shavings good before you punch through or else the slush will freeze in the cup of the synthetic bit. TB2
  6. TimBuck2

    Cabo San Lucas

    As far as I know we are fishing 6. That could change. I'm the one that's really pushing the charter. I'm going fishing, whether I have the others going along or not. If I'm stuck with a cheaper, in shore, outfit so be it. I'd hate to miss out on a chance at a Marlin though. It would be nice to split a 1000/day boat among 6 of us. That's what I'm hoping for. I'll check back with you when I get a little closer to my trip if you don't mind. Right now doubting the support of my traveling companions is counter productive. I guess I'll believe it when I step on the boat. Thanks, TB2
  7. TimBuck2

    Cabo San Lucas

    Traveler, Thanks for all your insight. I got sidetracked in the Ice Fishing Forum and forgot I posted this. I'm staying at the RIU Santa Fe. There will probably be three couples going so I was looking at some of the 1000/day outfits. I tried to find a chart of the peak seasons for Blue/Black/Striped Marlin. I found one that said only the Striped Marlin would be at peak. Is this true from your experience around the first week of Feb? TB2
  8. TimBuck2

    Cabo San Lucas

    Marlin Capital of the world!! I booked a trip for the first week of Feb.. Any recomendations for Charters?
  9. TimBuck2

    Skid house battery inside or outside?

    I seriously advise against placing it on a shelf above waist level. You're asking for an acid bath if something lets go. On the floor inside. TB2
  10. TimBuck2

    size of heater in wheelhouse

    Yeppers, I was calculating Cubic Ft. My mistake, sorry for the mislead. TB2
  11. TimBuck2

    size of heater in wheelhouse

    I was just looking at a replacement heater for my fish house and it was a 15,000 btu and said it was good for a 369 sq Ft house, that works for my little 6 x 8 wheelhouse call it a 7 ft ceiling. Check out the spec sheet of the heater you're looking at. You're looking at approximately 546 sq Ft. 20k might not be enough with the floor not insulated, but I can't see it being beyond tolerance if you wear sweatshirts instead of tee -shirts. It might be just right once you insulate the floor. Don't go ventless on this size house, if you plan on sleeping in it. Direct Vent is the safest way to go. TB2 TB2
  12. TimBuck2

    Lowrance X67C sonar questions..

    I"ve been using an M68c for the last 5 years. I love the graph mode. So easy to watch a fish rise to the bait. Doesn't play well with others IMO. TB2
  13. TimBuck2

    More Old Fishing Gear 4 Pics

    Picture #3 looks to me to be classic Muskrat Whompers. Traditionally employed when the bejeezers have been scared out of you by a muskrat swimming up your Ice Hole and proceeding to run rampant around in your house. Looks like two of the three were actively employed. lol
  14. My buddy and I made one a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic!! The only thing we did different from the recipe was we did up some onion and garlic in the bacon fat and added that to the stuffing minus most of the bacon fat of course. The thicker the bacon the better.