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  1. Looking for comments from anyone that's ridden this trail, good trail/bad trail. Map I read shows no gas stops until Grand Portage? Any food/bar stops on the way to Grand Portage? We are thinking about parking in the lot off the gunflint road and taking this trail to G.P. Going to be 4 of us. 2 are going to be younger teenagers on their own sleds so we won't be zippen along at no 50mph, I'm thinking 25-30mph will be our top speed. I'm courous how long of a round trip ride this would be?
  2. MCI

    Gps app

    Do you know if the GPS tracker part works without cell service? I think that is going to be my biggest issue, I don't know if I can track another phone from my phone without cell signal.
  3. MCI

    Gps app

    I'm not the most techy 40yr old out there, so I will try to explain what I'm looking to do and hopefully someone can point me in the direction I need to go. I have a cabin in the Chippawa National Forrest, no phone at the cabin and our cell phones dont work at the cabin either. My teenage son wants to take the wheeler and go riding alone. I worry he's going to get lost or if the wheeler breaks down he can't call my cell for help. When we drive my truck around; the gps in it works all the time. I know I can put a GPS app on my sons phone so he can track his route in reverse to get back to
  4. Lunker: I see your pup in the background, is he/she a shed dog? I'm getting a new puppy in March and want to train him to shed hunt. Wondering how many people have shed dogs and looking for resources for the training. thanks.
  5. NFL posted on his web page that they got 10" of snow in the last 7days. (Isabella)
  6. MCI


    Thanks for the info. Yes its Trout Lake. Just a few inches under the ice????? would have never thought that. When i did my lake trout trip we were in 40 fow and fished about 4' off the bottom with spoons.
  7. MCI


    Going to try ice fishing for lake and rainbow trout off the gunflint trail in two weeks, can I get some suggestions on what type of lures or bait to use? I was told you can use live minnows on the lake. I've only been lake trout fishing once 17yrs ago in Canada, we used a silver little Cleo lure with no bait and caught plenty of fish. Don't know if there is something better for rainbows or not.
  8. Anyone know how much snow the Lutsen/Isabella area got from this last system?
  9. Time wise, can anyone tell me about how long it takes via sleds to go from Lutsen to the Trestle Inn?
  10. MCI

    Propane auger

    Unpacked the HC40 last night. Assembled it, put oil in and hooked up a propane bottle; 4 pulls later it was purring like a kitten. Mine is different than all the videos I watched on you tube, instead of a plastic on/off switch mine has a good old fashion brass ball valve at the pressure regulator. I personally like this set up better than a switch, auger was running and when I shut the ball valve with in 5 seconds it slowly idled down and shut off. Heading out at first light today to try it out as me and my son attempt to find some pan fish and pike.
  11. MCI

    Propane auger

    Merry Christmas everyone. So yesterday I tried starting my 25yr old Eskimo......no luck. After a little trouble shooting I found the carb is all gummed up again. I had carb work done to it twice in the 25yrs, the second time about 8yrs ago it got a new carb assm. It was a great auger and it doesn't owe me anything but I think it's time for an upgrade. I have decided to go the propane route, I like the idea of not having to deal with gas and carb issues. The videos I've seen on YouTube impress me. I am wondering who on the forum has either the Jiffy 4 lite propane or the
  12. Group of us are going to the lutsen area in Feb. for a trip. Any suggestions as to where or how I can obtain good trail maps for this area? Pick them up at local gas stations/hotels? local snowmobile club I should get ahold of? DNR web site?
  13. Braid it is. Thanks for the help.
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