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  1. If I did this layout, and put a direct vent wall heater on the wall next to the door, but my propane tanks were on the bathroom side of the V-front, what is the best way to run the LP line from one side of the house to the other?
  2. Has anyone ever thought of a setup like this (shown) with a center bench? I know it cuts into the center floor space some but it looks like it may open up some more fishing space. 2 guys could be back to back and fish the sides and a 3rd could also sit on the end and fish the center of the house. It could be used as a bed then too. Plus it separates those back holes. Thoughts?
  3. I like that idea. Anyone put one of these in before? What kind of fan system did you use?
  4. Thanks for your reply. Here are a few of my thoughts: It seems like you still have A LOT of sq ft dedicated to your bathroom area Are you going to run any sort of oven/stove top? -My thought was 1... I'm a bigger guy, and 2... it could also be used for storage. Augers etc. I was thinking just a stovetop either above or beside the wheel well next to the heater. Seems like your wheelwells protrude in quite a bit... For layout purposes I would go 10" max There are probably better places to get storage space without cutting into your bunk room. An 8' wide house is only going to have between 7'5"-7'9" depending on what you use for studs and wall covering. -For the wheelwells I just went by what the trailer manufacturer said there was between them. They said 63" between the wheel wells. So I went with (96-63)/2=16.5" per side. For the back bunk I went with 80" bunks I think which is plenty long and then left space for some storage shelves. I added the extra storage on the side because my thought was I'd add a slide out platform on the bottom bunk that could sit on some side 2x2s which would double the width on the bottom if needed. Are you set on having a direct vent radiant heater? You would gain a lot of room (and have better heat in my experience) with a fan forced unit, but that's my opinion (I have experience with each). - Yeah I'm torn on this and go back and forth all the time on this one. I like the idea of having a power free option. Plus a blower could be added. My old house had a forced unit and the turning on and off during the night was a little annoying and would occasionally wake me. This is still up in the air for sure. Yeah the 3D app is pretty cool and is really neat to help see it all visually. I'm not very good at it but enough to get an idea of what it would shape up to be. I'll shoot you my email address. Thanks!
  5. After seeing the 16 ft. Y - Angler Edition layout - I'm leaning towards no exterior bathroom door and going with something more like this layout. At least the bathroom would be the furthest away possible. Maybe you could build in an exhaust fan?
  6. A bathroom was what we initially thought You're chili scenario is exactly why I was thinking about an exterior door!
  7. Question - I was up on LOTW the other weekend and saw a lot of wheel houses with portable pop-up houses sitting right by/behind them. What do most people use those for when they're by their wheel houses? Fishing out of them? Storage? Anyone out there do this?
  8. I hadn't I guess, something worth considering. Any experience with them? Initially it seems kind of like an awkward place for them.
  9. Yeah it will definitely be in the way. The couch won't be the full 8' long so won't be tight up against the door if it was out as a bed but there'd be minimal space there. I could probably try and find something more closer to 6' which would give more space around the door. The trailer dimensions said 70" in front of wheel well so maybe I could turn it and figure something out that way but that'd be short beds then. It would only be used as a bed once or twice a year I'd guess so I'm still kind of liking it. The other side would have a 30" top bed and a 30" bottom bed that has a 30" 2x2 platfrom as well that would pull out and rest on braces on the wall to make a 60" bed but would only be out when sleeping.
  10. Width was 60" long per the trailer dimensions. It says there's 63" between the wheel wells so I just went with 16.5" deep per side. Height, I just guessed on for now.
  11. My preliminary thoughts on design for an 8x16 w/4' V.
  12. I am generally thinking I want an 8x16 with V front. What are people's thoughts on going up to an 8x18' w/V front with a single axle? I saw I can get a single axle this long but I seem to feel like that seems really long for a single axle. Does that seem too big for single axle to anyone else? Thoughts?
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