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  1. Oh boy I don't remember. 200 or 250. They seem pretty heavy duty. Doesn't seem to have any issues with my 200lb son. I used 2x3 framing for them which seems pretty solid.
  2. I hear ya. I couldn't find any at the time so choked and went with it but keep an eye out and you can find them around. Most of the time as the whole bed.
  3. Pleasureland RV surplus online. They were like 250 a pair which seemed plenty to me but they're nice. I've seen them now occasionally on face book marketplace that people pull from their houses and they're usually cheaper so if you have the time you could probably find a cheap pair on there.
  4. The red aluminum sheets I got we're 10 ft long so I had a bit left over after cutting them down for the exterior. Figured I'd try and repurpose some of it.
  5. I wasn't great at taking pictures but wanted to thank you guys for you help and advice. Started in September finally and finished not long ago. I'm liking it so far! Thought I'd post a few photos of the finished house
  6. Yep! I haven't gotten any quotes but planning on aluminum exterior with spray foam walls, floor ceiling.
  7. Yeah I've gone back and forth and have decided I really want to try the direct vent this time. I've been playing with this SketchUp a little bit. Now I'm thinking since my tanks are on the passenger side I'll think about something like this: My biggest concern here is the door opening towards the vent exhaust. ??
  8. Yeah makes sense. I was thinking rubber hose. How would you run it across the door? Just along the base and cover it with a threshold?
  9. If I did this layout, and put a direct vent wall heater on the wall next to the door, but my propane tanks were on the bathroom side of the V-front, what is the best way to run the LP line from one side of the house to the other?
  10. Has anyone ever thought of a setup like this (shown) with a center bench? I know it cuts into the center floor space some but it looks like it may open up some more fishing space. 2 guys could be back to back and fish the sides and a 3rd could also sit on the end and fish the center of the house. It could be used as a bed then too. Plus it separates those back holes. Thoughts?
  11. I like that idea. Anyone put one of these in before? What kind of fan system did you use?
  12. Thanks for your reply. Here are a few of my thoughts: It seems like you still have A LOT of sq ft dedicated to your bathroom area Are you going to run any sort of oven/stove top? -My thought was 1... I'm a bigger guy, and 2... it could also be used for storage. Augers etc. I was thinking just a stovetop either above or beside the wheel well next to the heater. Seems like your wheelwells protrude in quite a bit... For layout purposes I would go 10" max There are probably better places to get storage space without cutting into your bunk room. An 8' wide ho
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