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  1. Harvey Lee I see your name in every part of the state of Minnesota and now I see it here in Iowa. You sure get around Harvey....lol watch that rod tip!
  2. Duh! You were the guy I dealt with. I thank you as it was in brand new condition as you guys stated. Tell Travis thanks.
  3. Thanks I bought it the other day and saved 100+ from what Frabill wanted. I appreciate the help.
  4. My brother has a Frabill XL Twin Shanty and the mice pretty much destroyed the tent part of it. Does anyone know where he can buy a spare tent for it? Thx!
  5. I have one more question about the stabilicers. Do you guys use the heavy duty or the lite ones?
  6. Once again you've all been a great help. I'll check out the stabilicers and if that doesn't work then we'll try the screws or the velcro.
  7. My wife and I both wear the big over sized arctic pak boots and have tried a few different ice cleats that claim they will fit pak boots but none of them seem to fit or for that matter stay on very well. Does anyone have any suggestions? We don't live near any big name sports outlet stores so we order most of our stuff online and it blows when we get something that doesn't work as advertised. Thx ahead of time.
  8. I'm so thankful for the replies. candiru what model of Abu Garcia do you use? I like the looks of the Shimano too.
  9. Do any of you guys use bait cast reels on the ice for Walleye? If so what brand, model, etc, etc do you suggest? I was looking at the 32" thorne bros rods, both glass and graphite, and saw they were available with bait cast reel seats. Thx ahead of time for your input.
  10. Have you tried hsolist? Don't know if they have what you want but you might try.
  11. I used an old setup like you're talking about, a Hummingbird 2000. I had the transducer mounted on a T stick made from pine 1X2. The transducer was on the bottom of the T and the top of the T straddled the hole. It showed the level where the fish were swimming through and the water depth. But other than that my Vexilar rules. I used that old setup for 15 years or more and it helped catch a lot of fish. One thing about the Hummingbird was if you put a little water on the ice it would read through the ice.
  12. What is cold shrink tape? I've heard of heat shrink that you use a heatgun to shrink it down. Is it the same thing that you are talking about? Never mind I looked it up, pretty cool stuff I'll have to try it out.
  13. Have any of you guys using thorne bros. tried the rods with the screw down handle? Or do you just use the tape on style? Do you use electrical tape to put the reel on the rod?
  14. Do you guys use the Thorne bros. graphite or the glass? Thorne bros. sure are proud of their rods. If I knew the rods would last for several years I wouldn't mind paying that price. For that kind of money they ought to last a lifetime lol.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Seems to be a battle between the Thorne Bros. rods and the St. Croix. I guess I haven't checked out the Thorne Bros. stuff. I know I have always used the cheap rods and reels for years and have always had problems with them, especially when I had some nice fish on. I am going to bite the bullet and spend some bucks on some decent equipment.
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