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  1. BuschPilot

    Cold Snap Auger Cover

    what if you dont have facebook? just out of luck?
  2. BuschPilot

    Lifetime minimum maintenance frame

    nice, very interesting. are you running both fans blowing out then? mine is setup just like that straight across from the door as well.
  3. BuschPilot

    Lifetime minimum maintenance frame

    whats the deal with the fans on the heater and what else do you have there, looks like a good idea, do you have some more pictures as to what you did there. i've got the same heater. how did you hook the fans in? Nice Build so far!
  4. BuschPilot

    Eelpout Festival: Sober angler

    Are you still going boar? hoping to leave LOW area by 10am. we had one cancel on us so we may just bring one house now.
  5. Sure wish i could get back up for this weekend Paul, Waiting to catch that laker through the ice. Nothing funner than those thorne bros trips up to Crow. Great place to stay and have fun! I may try soon to come for a day or two. Super busy. Have fun and take care. Keep Robin on a leash!
  6. BuschPilot

    TV antenna

    I am wondering about an antenna for the tv in the wheelhouse. I got a new flatscreen w/dvd but would be nice to get some other channels if possible. what kind of antennas do you all use out there. i don't have anything wired in right now so the options are open. would like to just keep it inside if possible so don't have to drill through house. any options? thanks
  7. BuschPilot

    Wolf hunt results

    i got that pic from a buddy too of that monster wolf. said it was shot up by beausajour Manitoba, some people just have too much time.
  8. BuschPilot

    5th wheel Wheel house

    Chk out pleaseCallMeToSponsorHSO.com they make one too
  9. BuschPilot

    What To Finish Inside Wheel House With

    I used a minwax polycrylic, clean up with soap and water is nice. not too smelly either. comes in 3 finishes. i did a sation gloss. i think it turned out good. its not suppose to yellow. it did get a bit darker but really brought out the color of the wood nicely.
  10. BuschPilot

    What To Finish Inside Wheel House With

    Why not go with cedar plywood paneling. Can hang things still and trim it out in cedar. I just got done sealing mine and it looks great. Still get the cedar smell and look as well.
  11. BuschPilot

    Just Placed an order for a new 30footer

    I would have to say his house is built very well. Mine just had some issues tht were easily fixed by myself. I dont mind the work. I am just sealing the cedar right now. I like that u can get exactly what u want at a very affordable price. I am waiting to hear back from don again for a quote on a new one and i haven't used this one yet. Just little items that i would change after having refreshments in it.
  12. BuschPilot

    Just Placed an order for a new 30footer

    i got my carsella in may, its built very well. i did have some issues with my house as well. be careful when you send your money in. he promises a good thing. i was told mine would be done in a week to 10 days because he was working on others. finally got it about 3 months later. he just had a fully finished 27ft for 12,900 on the c-list. i wanted to get a quote on another but he won't call back. if you got any questions pm me. i do like mine now that i think i've got it fixed.
  13. BuschPilot

    charger/inverter help????

    I am in need of a charger / inverter for the new house, wondering what to look for. i think we may have 2 batteries in it. the house is already wired and finished. what are my options. doesn't need to be real expensive either. thanks!
  14. BuschPilot

    Empire blower fan, anone use one?

    I got one in my carsella shack. i didn't think it would be worth the extra but i may be wrong too. When they built my shack that was the only one they could get and put in, in the timeline they told me it would be ready. it didn't cost me anymore thank goodness. it is quiet. not sure if it blows the air out the bottom to recirculate the air or what its suppose to do. it didn't blow like i thought it would. buy a computer fan and mount under neath the heater. save some money.
  15. BuschPilot

    Empire furnace

    I got an 18k empire direct vent furnace in my new carsella shack and am wondering if there is anyway possible to hook up a wall mounted thermostat into those. i can't find much. just thought it would be more convenient. thanks!