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  1. I mean everytime I have to log in? And my password needs to be reset... Not very easy to use anymore. Why not just 1 password for EVER and log in!
  2. We are almost done for the year on the St Louis River out of the Duluth/Superior Twin Ports area for open water. It has got colder and we have snow on the ground (expecting a good size storm today matter of fact). We are going to try and get out a few more times, but the fishing has kind of dwindled down with the suprise entrance of winter. We literally went from a warm comfortable climate to cold! Fish should adapt and are starting to, so that is good. Live bait has been best bet for getting a few fish and it has certainly been multispecies outings. Although we have not seen skim ice, it is
  3. Are you sure it wasn't a bullhead? Can be mistaken sometimes for a cat fish. I have never heard of a catfish in Nebags or any other nearby lakes for that matter. Catfish prefer a system that has river characteristics including but not limited to: current, etc.. I'm willing to bet it was a yellow bullhead. I have caught a few over the years out there. Not a common catch. Also have caught sucker as well, again not common though. Glad to hear the bite is turning on for you.
  4. Releasing the prime breeders is important. Kudos to your buddy. 11" or smaller is a great rule of thumb...
  5. Fished the Chip this weekend and found some success. Lots of crappie action in select bay and bottle neck areas near warm water, timber and old cabbage. Bobber and minnow was best, but anything was working. We kept 10 smaller fish for the 3 of us and that was plenty of fish for us. No need in keeping 25 fish (what a joke). I wish the DNR would reduce the limit in WI!
  6. Waterfront is now called dockside and they are open. Not sure about tournaments, we don't participate in them because, not fans of what they can do to fish populations. All these lakes in the area have far to many tournaments which contribute to hurtful results.
  7. Ice in the Twin Ports is growing as we speak with the cold temps we have. With that being said, we are still walking out on the water. In the next day or so, we will be bringing the wheelers though.. Most waters are having an average of 5". But as always check as you go, and don't take my word for it. Check for yourselves.. Fishing has been pretty good considering this cold front that has come in, but that don't surprise me on account of it is early ice, and fishing seems to always be productive this time of year. Leech flutter spoons by Clam Pro Tackle have been a great addition to the
  8. You can catch em all day, but some days the traffic on the lake can get bad, so yes morning hours are best. I like casting x raps #10, or northland tackle impulse paddle (great bait). Smallies on Nebags can be great fun! Good luck, and if you have trouble feel free to give me a call and I can help ya out. Number below. Tight Lines, JH
  9. The lake is open now, but during my drive I noticed the dock was not in and in fact blocking the access. so... Pretty sure the ice went out on the 14th or 15th.. Spring time fish were biting good in the Hayward area. We caught over 60 decent crappies and a couple of accidental game fish. We released all of the fish we caught because we want to keep the spawn cycle good this year. Hopefully others follow suit or at least selectively harvest on not stack freezers. Good luck, JH
  10. After last weeks trip to the NW Sports Show, I would like to spend my weekend angling, but the weather is not the best up here, so you can find us at our usual booth at the Douglas County Fish N Game Show at the Wessmen Arena in Superior. Stop by and say hi. We will also be having seminars. BTW, they have the best pork sammies youll find anywhere. Good Fishing, JH
  11. Tough to say. Still had plenty this last couple weekends. I am using the wheeler, but there are people driving still (not advised). My guess is we will be open water fishing by April 9th? but we will see.....
  12. Come down to the Duluth Boat and chew the cud with us""""" Clam Outdoors added 2 new photos. 22 hrs · We have an ice fishing report from Superior based Clam Pro Jarrid Houston. Enjoy! "Duluth/Superior and Lake Superior have had good bites, sometimes great bites.... Just like always, we are putting in the time on the water to find fish, but in the end its almost like the karma pays off! The inland lakes have been the best producing fish bite for Gills and Crappies, but we have also found great success with good pike/bass and the occasional walleye as well. Fishing shallower water
  13. Hi, This lake is a harder lake to target fish as oppose to the open water season. Nontheless, you can catch fish. Fishing in edge of drop offs always is best for us. Using soft plastics with tiny jigging raps or small small spoons. This lake does have very big pan fish if you can find em, but join the movement and make sure to selectively harvest em. We need them good genes in these waters to continue to produce great fishing opportunites. Good luck mister
  14. Ieee ya iiiiii, here comes the ice tourney season on our local waters. Crossing my fingers that the slaying that is about to commence is not bad. Wish these lakes were better protected with suitable slots and limits.
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