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  1. Will be going to backwaters by nelson was wondering if theres any bait shops in Wisconsin that sell shiners for pike. Any info would help
  2. whole tarp is wore out can see light through most of canvas patches wont help. i looked at a few new ones and im not impressed cant see getting 15 years plus with a new one. sleds seem cheaper and i dont like all the plastic on them. can see myself a -10 breaking alote of stuff on them. just cant belive noone makes a replacement tarp for the older models i have a trap2 and a guide one is 25+ years and one is 15+ years old. cant see buying a whole new sled and tarp combo and having 3 sitting around seems kind of a waist.
  3. looking at getting a replacement canvas for my trap guide. do they still make them? and where do i look? i tried on the clam site and its not shown there.
  4. they were plastic in the 90s 88 was the last metal tag on my old fish house think had every year from 80 to 88 in metal tags good luck finding any
  5. think my daughter was 4 in this vid not sure it was here 2nd time out heres a vid and pick. just keep it short and make it fun for them. also a pic of son and his cusin
  6. lol duckblind i have done that very funny. and yea be very carfull not to strip the treads out i have a sunflower that is striped and had to put a hose clamp on the set nut to get it to work properly. BE CARFULL.
  7. i will be pulling my house at least to shore with 5 to 6 inches of snow already another 8 to 20 will make getting out on 8 to 12 inches of ice plenty hard with the wheeler. should bring the water up and let the slush take over that will make it almost imposible to get out to the house decent. better safe than sorry i fish on a lake with only a hadfull of houses noone ever plows a road so getting around can be difficult if your on a lake that is busy i would just add some blocks uner to rais it up if it is wet snow it will definantly bring up the water.
  8. not even a skim of ice yesterday. well see today with 5 aqbove zero right now
  9. troutman72


    yep we are going out tonight dont know where yet either probibly the blue earth river or somwhere on judson bottom road. maybe well see ya out there. ill be going out tomarrow too maybe ill take the boat tomarrow.
  10. troutman72


    hey rob i was wondering if you were heading out cating at all this week im off the next three nights and should be out there tonight and tomarrow night. this will be the second time out this year. been way too busy. ? for ya can ya still fish the seven mile creek outlet after sunset? or do ya just ignore the signs for the park?
  11. file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Jocelyn/My%20Documents/My%20Pictures/Jason's%20Pictures/Sauger.JPG see if that works
  12. valv were you still getting rid of your collie? ------------------ Troutman72 CPR <(((< [This message has been edited by troutman72 (edited 10-07-2004).]
  13. hey lucky the eyes are biting on tetonka ------------------ Troutman72 CPR <(((< [This message has been edited by troutman72 (edited 10-07-2004).]
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