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  1. I used 1#ers until a cross thread incident almost cost me dearly. When walking, I use a 5# which I usually have to get filled for each outing. Once driving I switch to a 20#. I have a digital scale that I weighed the empty tank and then the tank when full. I wrote the wts on the side. I have a good idea of normal use per outing and now a quick weigh of the tank let's me know if I need to add before heading out.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry for the delayed response. Truck has 240k and the fuel pump was replaced at 125k. First time in the shop could not find issue after 3 days. Second time found an intermittent short in the distributor. New cap and rotor and I'm back on the road (knock on wood). The symptoms were isolated around the times of warm weather with colder temps moving in. Not sure if this had anything to do with the issue but the fix seemed to take care of the problem. Going on 3 weeks with no further problems and the truck seems to be running better to boot. Thanks again
  3. Own a 97 Chevy Suburban w/ 5.7 L V8. 3 weeks ago went out to start it and it wouldn't go. Initially turned over sluggish but turned over easily after a few tries but still wouldn't start. Had it towed in. The shop tired to start it and found no issues. Kept it for 3 days and it started each day. Checked fuel pressure, spark and usual other suspect areas and found nothing. No codes found. Truck has run fine for last 3 weeks although used sparingly. This morning am having same start up issue. Truck has sat for 4 days unused but showed no issue in last use. Any thoughts????
  4. Thanks for the replies! vman, no need to follow up as I'll be there Sunday myself. Actually heading up early tomorrow. Thanks again for the updates.
  5. Heading up to Hayward next week and wondering what current water temps are. Any reports for LCO, Grindstone or Whitefish would be most appreciated! Thanks
  6. Kind of what I figured but great to have a qualified opinion!! Thanks for the help Bruce, I'll give it a try!
  7. I own a 98 Johnson 115 FastStrike. While putting her away for the winter last week I noticed one end of the wire for the starboard side temp switch had pulled free from the rubber splice/connector. Is this an easy fix? I read that there are special tools needed to push the connector out of the rubber boot to allow the wire to be re-inserted in the connector. Don't want to have to pay to replace the whole switch if not needed. Thanks!
  8. Thansk again for the input. Heading out tomorrow and hope to find temps right in the Musky wheelhouse!
  9. Will be haeding up to fish Whitefish on 9/18. Does anyone have any recent water temp info?
  10. My 98 Johnson 115 started acting up yesterday. The tach will run up to about 1200 rpms and then drops to zero. The battery gauge also shows no charge, only a 12v reading. After a stop, I started the motor and both gauges were fine, voltage up to 14v+. It didn't last long! From what I've read on previous posts it sounds like a rectifier issue?? Is this something I could test and possibly replace on my own? Thanks for the help.
  11. I would also look at the Tempress seat. I'm not a big guy but broke several after market seats before going to the Tempress. I found that the new and improved composite inner frame didn't stand up well to leaning back too far. I've had the Tempress seat in the boat for 2 full seasons so far with no issues.
  12. Can someone suggest a source for or outline the proper steps for the change to a synthetic from standard lube? Should I try to pump the oil from the tank or just run it low before adding the syn?? Thanks again for all the direction!
  13. Thanks for the input guys! Sounds like I might be looking into the switch to synthetic. Made the change in my auger 2 yrs ago and couldn't be happier. Good Fishin!
  14. Thanks for the input Bruce! Other than the quality of the oil, which I don't skimp on, the rest of your eval is probably adding up to the cause. The smoking is usually worse at 1st start up and when sitting for any long length of time. I have to admit that I may have a heavy hand when it comes to priming and when I pull the boat from the lake I do tilt the motor way up. I'll keep your thoughts in mind. Would an air leak in the fuel line cause any of the smoking issue? I replaced the primer bulb last fall.
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