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  1. I am looking at the Ranger Reatta and the Stratos 486 sf. Just wondering if anyone can give me some info on either of these boats and what you like/dislike about them. Thanks
  2. The environment. But not in ways that swans or any other birds can eat it.
  3. Quote: Lead is a metalic poison and a slow working one at that. How could it kill that many birds at the same time. Come on! I think that there is probably more to the story! If they were wintering there they could have eaten lead pellets for several months. Lead killing these swans is not what my opinion on banning lead is based on. It just seems extremely unnecessary to be putting a toxon into the environment when there are non toxic choices.
  4. My question is why not ban lead shot in shot gun shells. Just because it is banning another thing is not a good reason. It has been proved time and time again that lead kills anything that ingests it. With all the advancement in steel shells they are just as good or better than lead. If you cant kill it with steel then it is too far away to be shooting at with lead also. As for them digging up lead that was there for 20 years now. That is probably true but why should we be adding more lead to the environment. I dont understand why they didnt ban lead all together when they banned it on waterfowl. Pheasants and doves arent ammune to lead and it will kill them just as fast.
  5. I like to read other peoples stories about fishing, so was just wondering what was the best day of fishing you ever had.
  6. To ban an effective way of controlling predators just doesnt make any sense to me, a dog would have to try pretty hard to crawl into a 220. I havent trapped for a long while but i support it in every way. More traps out there = less predators = more pheasants. As far as not allowing anyone to take a buck for an entire year. That would cost the dnr tons of money in lost license sales. Where I hunt many people go hunting for a set of antlers, i dont think they would even buy a license for a doe. I shoot at the first deer I have a decent shot at and if it were a very nice buck, I would be fairly [PoorWordUsage]ed if I had to let him walk by.
  7. Just wondering if it is as awesome as it looks. I think I am going this year but after going to that, it will be torture to have to wait til november.
  8. They usually leave the gut piles untouched for a while anyway. They dont like all the human scent around the pile.
  9. I am with CrappieAttitude. To many hobbies, to little time, too little money. Only I have 50 years til retirement.
  10. Just wondering if anyone has been out lately and how calling for them is working right now.
  11. I have a lab cross. She has done very well, to me it is not the breed that is important, if it has the will and instinct to hunt, it cant hurt to bring it along hunting with you.
  12. Owls are almost for sure what did that.
  13. I wouldnt support this either, just because I cant wait that long to hunt pheasants.
  14. I will agree with change is good. In August I am excited for ice fishing, in February I cant wait for open water. Overall I would say I like ice fishing much better. I just really dont like fishing when it is 90+ degrees with no breeze. Would rather have it be 10 degrees any day.
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