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    Boy heres a tip i like

    What does your wife say when you come home with your hands smelling like beaver???
  2. fetzeriiif

    Whos' on the hit list.

    I appologize for using the word "terrible", but I feel pretty strongly that telling someone to just wait it out is not good advice. If you had told him to wait it out on one site, if he had another that was being hit, I would have thought that was fine. If he doesn't have any that are being hit, then I have to go back to that word "terrible". You need to be proactive. What if none of them ever get hit?? I am not saying they won't, but who wants to go into the season still waiting for your first hit at your baits. If you keep trying new spots until you at least have one that is hit, you will at least know you have one spot to hunt. September comes and goes pretty fast, I'ld hate to spend it sitting at home preying for my first hit, rather than sitting in a tree at a productive bait.
  3. fetzeriiif

    Whos' on the hit list.

    "Patience, jay, if youve done youre home work, It just takes time. I dont give up on a site, You have to be willing to go the distance buddy. I have a site go all the way into mid sept. before getting hit. It's can be a hard waiting game. Now I just got back from my high percentage site in the river bottom that did'nt have a camera on an I got hit. I had years when that one took alot more time. But it's a travel route. Get some scent up in the wind. later boar " In response to Boar, Boar is obviously a very successful and experienced bear hunter, but I think this is terrible advice. If your bait is not hit within a week, you need to move on. Find a new spot. If you don't, you will be very likely to have a spot with nocturnal bears or you will be looking for a new spot when the season starts. Don't you want to hunt opening day at a spot you know bears are hitting? I personally don't like hunting a spot that isn't hit within 4 days. I am not an expert, nor do I have as much experience as Boar. I have however set up sites for 8 successful hunts in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Obviously, they were not all for me. Some were for friends. Either way, all of my sites have had a 100% success rate for either Pope and Young bears, or bears over 300lbs with small skulls, all shot on the first day of hunting. I would say that is a pretty good success rate for someone that has only hunted bears for 4 years. I attribute my success to moving on from site to site until I find a site that is hit right away by a big boar. I also disagree with the advice of many of you who keep recommending people stick with the same type of bait. From my experience, this is terrible advice. The day before the first hunt I always put out something either completely new or something they haven't seen for a while. I think this causes them to come in earlier, because they are afraid it will be gone. Once again, I am no expert, but all of my sites have had 100% success for trophy bears on the first night of hunting. To address another post, all of the people hunting my sites were using thermocells. So I don't think they bother bears. This post might seem like I think I know it all, I don't. I'm not a guide or an expert, I'm just a hunter. I think you all have a ton to offer and I have learned a lot from what you've had to say over the years, especially when I was just trying to figure out how to get my first bear, which was only a few years ago. I just figured it was about time I took the time to return the favor.
  4. fetzeriiif

    Thermacell go or nogo?

    I've hunted bear on two separate years. One year I harvested a 250lb boar and the other a 300lb(18 year old) sow. I used a thermacell both times. It smells a little, but it is a warm air, so it travels up. The way I look at it is like this. It smells less than bug spray and is better than swatting vampires every second. I would stay home before I would get bit every second and I can't shoot a bear or deer from my lazzyboy. Unless I do it on my Wii.
  5. Thanks Jay, I live in Menomonie, WI. So Mille Lacs is in the opposite direction and would be about a 3 hour drive to go and get the meat when it is done. I would prefer something in Carlton County, Pine County, or around Duluth/Superior. I would also be very interested in a place in Polk or Douglas County Wisconsin.
  6. I am going to be bear hunting in area 51 this fall with my dad and another friend. Last time we did this we took one of our bears an hour and a half away to get processed and the other I drove 2 1/2 hours home to cut up myself. This is quite a hassel, because not everyone gets a bear on the same night. We would preffer if there was somewhere in Pine County, Carlton County, or Duluth to take our bear to. We will be up over Labor day weekend hunting, so it would have to be a place that will be open over the holiday weekend. It would even be ok if I had to go up to pick up the hide and the meat the next week. I would love to hear any suggestions. Thanks
  7. fetzeriiif

    the link is active for bear lottery results,

    My dad and I were drawn!!!
  8. fetzeriiif

    No bear license

    End of the week is when they said the results would be available.
  9. fetzeriiif

    bear drawing link

    Don't use the link as it is giving bad results....I would remove it, but it won't let me. Wait until the link shows up on the bear page of the MN DNR HSOforum.
  10. fetzeriiif

    Bear Bait

    Jay I would also like to know who approved your bucket. As I read the regs, it seems pretty clear that you can't use a bucket. If it's legal, I might use one. Boar, I realy don't see a lot of danger of a bear getting their head stuck in a 5 gallon pail. There is no lip to get their head stuck in. I also see them on a lot of the bear hunting shows filming in Canada.
  11. fetzeriiif

    No bear license

    DO NOT BELIEVE THE RESULTS FROM THE HSOforum!!! The link is giving bad results at this time. I believe it will tell everyone that they didn't recieve a permit. I called the DNR and they said not to trust what it tells you. The results are NOT up yet. I don't know why the link is doing what it is doing though. It even gives you your new preference point number, for me it said I was up to two.
  12. fetzeriiif

    bear drawing link

    Bear Results I called and they said no results till the end of next week, but here is the link to where they will be available.
  13. fetzeriiif

    Bear age reports

    Mine came last Saturday. The sow I shot was 18 years old. I couldn't believe it.
  14. fetzeriiif

    Bear age reports

    Does anyone know when they send out how old the bears shot last year were?
  15. fetzeriiif

    ? on basket racks

    Andy, I already posted, but after looking through the results thread I saw many others stating something similar, "Small horns and a big body, must be bad genetics." If most of these people put their deer in the back of their truck and pulled into a registration station next to a guy that had shot a trophy buck, they would be quite suprised. I'll guaranty that 95% of the time that trophy buck will be huge in body size compared to their buck. That is why it is easy to call a fork horn a big bodied deer when it is hanging next to a fawn and a yearling doe, but not so easy when it is hanging next to a 3 1/2 year old trophy. Congrats on your buck though. All I saw was fawns and does.