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  1. I would not be afraid of it, my buddy has a 90hp and it has been a great motor.
  2. Bandit

    Drift Socks

    You dont need them, but if you lose a sock it will be alot easier to get back. I am not sure if they will sink without it or not. They seem to float till you get them to catch and fill with water.
  3. I have the razr maxx with the nav map, and I prefer my hand held by far. At least for Lake of the Woods.
  4. Some truck stops and all grain elevators should have a scale. They may charge you to use them.
  5. Bandit

    remington 700

    Go with the remmy, I have eleven of them and not one prob with any. The 7mm08 is a great choice too!!! Oh and I have had 2 Wth. one in a 30-06 and 1 in 300 wth. mag and sold them both, so it all comes down to a matter of preference.
  6. Sounds to me like the switch is bad or a plug in the harness may have pulled apart.
  7. Glasses, scoops, silverware, darts, dice, pliers, Pedistal leg for the table, one of those tubes you stick down the holes to get all the at once. I can't believe we have not lost a phone or camera yet.
  8. Bandit


    Yep, Rhino here too, very cold blooded just like the rest, but once you get her warmed up it's great.
  9. The power steering is great, I had never rode one with it before, sure makes the day seem shorter on a long ride.
  10. Bandit

    Just a Dog...

    Sorry for your loss. You brought tears to my eyes, Had to put my best friend "doc" down last year. There has been way too many times I have gone through this, like was said earlier, they don't live long enough! I have had many in my life that I can't wait to see again.
  11. Check out the prices of the existing launchers at cabelas or wherever. If yours is better you could up the price some. I would think there would be a good market for it as dogs get used to how far you can throw a dummy or hit a tennis ball. If you had something to go 100 yards, I would be very interested!
  12. 2thepointsetters is right on the money. If you have hunted behind pointers that chase the birds, they need more training or just don't have IT. I hunted behind a Gordon for years that never once chased a bird. I saw him point a bird that was actually right under him and he had to point under his belly [that was pretty cool ] Got a nice rooster up that bumped him when it flushed! A good pointer is an unbelievable hunting machine. Having said that I now have a lab, as I hunt ducks now and then. But in my opinion a good pointer will get you more upland game than a flusher every time.
  13. Pics from a pup, she is a great bird dog, could not ask for more!! Teeth like needles Good fishing partner too!
  14. I had my girl friend take the dog about a half mile away and just start walking towards me while I was shooting. The noise was minimum when they started and just got louder as they approached. By the time they got to where I was the dog paid no attention to the shot at all. After she got over the fear of the shot I took her hunting, after a couple of birds she went nuts when the shot rang out. Talk about 180 degree turn!!!
  15. I have a cookbook that has a recipe for coon brains in it, is anybody interested??
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