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  1. Heading up this weekend and I know that trolling is not allowed... just looking for confirmation that that includes lindy rigging. Thanks.
  2. YUM

    Livewell question.

    I have a 17 foot tracker and have fished tournaments for like 5-6 years and only have had one fish die in the livewell... and thats because the recirculator broke. I generally add Sure Life Catch and Release however, but dont think it is completely necessary. You will be fine.
  3. YUM

    Shimano Baitcaster Question

    Thanks guys, yeah its those snaps that like to go flying.. maybe bounce off a wall or two and get lost in the carpet
  4. YUM

    Shimano Baitcaster Question

    One of my Citcas is missing an E-Snap, I think this is what they are called. I must not have snapped it in place when cleaning it this winter. Anyways I went to fleet farm, Menards, Home Depot, and auto parts stores and could only find em in plain steel, where they are almost black looking. Does anyone know where I could score a stainless steel one? I believe they are the 1/8 size.
  5. YUM

    Dobyns or Powell?

    Havent used a Dobyns but own 4 Powells. In general I like a little longer all around rod... for texas rigging, jigs, etc. So I was looking at brands that made 7'3'' models and Powell was one of the few that offered them for a resonable price. I have two 7'3'' MHs and two 7'3'' Hs and just love them... LOVE! Also, I bought them a few years ago @ 199 a piece so its an even better deal now.
  6. YUM

    Fin Tech Title shot jigs

    I bought some of these a couple of years ago with the thought of using them for some deep water fishing, but I had horrible hook up percentage and havent used them since. Anyone else have the same issue?
  7. YUM

    Setting the Hook

    oh, I was thinking you were using the gamma finesse wide gap...because you said it was a size 3. Did you mean 3/0?
  8. YUM


    Never tried Gamma flouro because of the price... but I absolutely LOVE their copolymer, the best on the market IMO! Not looking foward to finding a new copolymer line but I did find some on sale the other day and stocked up.
  9. YUM

    Setting the Hook

    I would suggest a more sweeping hookset, that's what I do with a similar set and specifically with that type of hook. Dont think there is a real need for a 'snaping' hook set because there is need to push the hook through the plastic like on a texas rig for example.
  10. This is a club I have fished in for the past four or five years and we still have a couple spots this year if anyone is interested. June 8th: St. Croix river, launch out of Lions Park (just north of Taylors Falls) (4:00-8:45) June 22nd: Knife Lake (4:00-9:00) July 6th: Green Lake (Chisago County) (4:00-8:45) July 20th: Big Marine (4:00-8:45) August 3rd: Orono Lake/Elk River (4:00- 8:30) August 17th: N/S Center (4:00-8:15) August 31st: Forest Lake (3:45-7:45) Sept 1st: Coon Lake (3:45-7:45) 15 boat club, cost is 350 per team. If you may be interested I can send you more info and put you in contact with the tournament director... just make a post here with your email address. Good luck, Bill
  11. YUM

    Do you use steel leaders?

    Never for bass. I just dont seem to get bitten off that often... maybe only a had-full of times a year.
  12. YUM

    Who's Pickin' Crawlers This Weekend??

    Any crawler pickers here in St. Paul area? ... The last few years they just dont seem to be in my yard like they use to. I remember when running the hose in one spot for ten minutes would produce a couple dozen. Anyone else in the st. paul area notice a decline lately? maybe im just crazy
  13. YUM

    reel service?

    Also a place on the N side of 394, on the frontage road, its a small bait shop... Wayzata Bait... or something like that.
  14. YUM

    Stright shank worm hooks,

    What kind of knots are you guys using with the straight-shanks? do you use a snell knot... for braid? what about with flurocarbon?
  15. YUM


    Well, I'm using a new braid this year: Sufix Perfromance, low vis green. When I first saw it it reminded me of the old, neon green-looking, Spiderwire because it has a similar color... only not as 'neon'. It is also kind of limp like that old Spiderwire... which I liked about it; and I tried it today and so far so good.