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  1. Moose-Hunter

    Cured the porpoising issue... Well almost. (Prop question)

    Bringing this back around for reference...
  2. I found two of these hiding in the rear of my rod rack... Lettering on the blank says... "GR28-7', Medium, 4-10#, IM6 Graphite, Jigging/Rigging" The cork is a bit faded but overall these look almost new. Asking $150.00 OBO for the pair. I'd like to do a face to face sale in or close to Carver County or Eden Prairie. However, shipping is available. I'd need to get you a price quote. Questions or need other pictures? Email me at dan8026 at gmail dot com
  3. Moose-Hunter

    .22 Birdshot

    At a range of around 40', the blackbirds just "flipped me the feather" and flew away. We blasted the rest of the stuff at various targets and were done with it. My cheapo $30 pellet gun is MUCH more effective.
  4. Moose-Hunter

    Berg Bros and Red Setters?

    Thanks much for the info!! If y'all know of other E-Setter kennels/breeders I should take a peek at... feel free to shoot me a PM.
  5. Before buying your new upper, make sure the take-down and pivot pins on your Colt lower will fit in your new upper. "Early" Colt lowers used pins that were (I think...) .315" dia. While the majority of current "mil-spec" upper receivers, and built uppers, use a .250" dia pin. I have heard of special pin set-ups to allow the mixing of the two different sizes, but have no personal experience with these.
  6. Moose-Hunter

    Berg Bros and Red Setters?

    Has anyone any personal info/experiences they'd like to share in regards to Berg Bros. Kennel? Also... Red Setters? GORGEOUS animals!! Are these an off-shoot of my favorite, the English Setter? Or is it a different breed entirely?
  7. Moose-Hunter

    Tips for Smallies?

    At the risk of ruffling a few feathers... Please don't turn this into a bash thread!! It's an honest question! As we all have heard, the "take" limit on smallmouth bass in Mille Lacs has been relaxed while the slot and take limit on walleye has been tightened. That said... I may just try and keep a few smallies for the table. Any tips on making the fillets fit for a very finicky fish eater? (The better half has a very selective palete at times.)
  8. Moose-Hunter

    new Mn anti gun law proposal™™™™

    Don't worry guys... Senator Latz, the chair of the senate judiciary committee has assured me not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last couple days, neither so called "assault" weapons or what everyone calls "high cap" magazines will be brought up in this session. Do we believe it? Dunno... We've been lied to before. Currently, the committee is concentrating on the mental health issues, and back ground checks. You folks seem quite passionate about any possibility of an AWB here in Minnesota. Maybe I saw some of you down at the capital. I was the guy in the black H-K jacket. Two quick points... 1st: It's true... Assault weapons are for the military. By definition, these are FULL autos. The civi AR-15 is SEMI auto. Thus, just another semi auto rifle. 2nd: For those of you who have bought a AR new. What size magazine did it come with? 5 round? 7 round? 10 round maybe? My guess it came with a 30 round mag. Am I right? Seems to me that makes that mag a STANDARD capacity magazine for that VERY popular, VERY common model of rifle. Semantics? Not if you do the research.
  9. Couldn't make it to the hearings? Now you can!! http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/htv/mnhouse.asx This uses Windows Media Player. Today's agenda... HF241 & HF242. Coverage starts at 10:00am.
  10. Moose-Hunter

    Black gun ban?

    Done! Fire away! I mean... Go ahead and contact me if you'd like.
  11. Moose-Hunter

    Black gun ban?

    You don't mean that ominous looking "shoulder thing that goes up"? The HORROR!!! (Bwahahaha... I crack myself up... )
  12. Moose-Hunter

    Black gun ban?

    Just so ya know... On the left... A CLIP. On the right... A MAGAZINE. Confusing the two, honestly make you look quite uninformed. Kind of like that "barrel shroud" and "shoulder thing that goes up" comments. Next... Can you tell me the difference in these two rifles? If you said, "one has a scope"... You're RIGHT!! Both are chambered the same. Both operate the same. And before you talk of ammo capacity, BOTH have the ability to hold as few as five and as many as you could dream of with the proper modification. I even have a bolt action .22 that holds 20+ rounds. You could have said color, but that would have been racist!! Banning certain firearms is useless since criminals by definition will continue to break the law. Banning high capacity MAGAZINES will do nothing except further regulate lawful sport shooters. The whole debate is a tactical face palm at best since more laws WILL NOT STOP ANYTHING!!!
  13. Moose-Hunter

    Buying a firearm