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  1. Its still in MN, I caught a glimpse of it in SouthEast MN this weekend.
  2. Jeff Reidemann from Cambridge was the gentleman in charge of the crew doing the Lake Byllesby Cleanup. Their target is 1,000,000 pounds so far as I stated before the worked for 3 weeks and removed 250,000 pounds. Thanks Guys!
  3. We have been having a discussion on this lately in the rochester area forum. They have seined for 3 weeks thus far on Lake Byllesby and are done until spring, but I sat there and watched for over an hour. Really neat watching. Check it out...page 2 halfway down the page. Lake Byllesby Thread on Seining
  4. Last 2 years I have gotten the HT cleats. SG2 I beleive...They go on my size 13 rocky hunting boots no problem, as well as my large, almost military sized pac boots. They just take a little finessing to get them over the toe of the pac boots. They have to metal triangles underneath instead of the removable tips, but i have yet to slip and fall so they do work.
  5. Original Ice Armor Suit XXXL at 4:30pm on Sun. priced to sell at $175. Talked him into throwing in a pair of Ice Armor Gloves and a Fish Trap ball Cap. Thorne Bros softsided Rod Case Snap on Rod holders A very good show in my opinion, met Walleye Dan (Wow those are nice suits, if the bibs had a little extra butt to gut room Id have bought them for sure. Cant beleive how light weight they are.) Chatted with Joel N. at Thorne Bros for awhile (my wife knew him, figure that one out.)
  6. I have the old electra with the white motor case, It has on it a Blue mora drill, so all mora blades will work with it, I have also used strikemaster power auger lower units on it, didnt like the results however...very sluggish and doesnt cut well. It needs a lower unit with shaver blades. As for the battery, and 12 volt will work but it depends on the amount of holes you want to drill. I have used a 12v 7.2ah vex battery with a 6" shaver and gotten 4 holes. a 12v 18/20ah battery has gotten me over 12 holes with the 6" unit. With the 8 inch shaver lower unit I got 1 hole with the vex battery, and 5+ with the 18/20ah one. The battery con be found online and at hardware stores, the dimensions are approx 7"l - 6 3/4h - 2 3/4w weighs 13# and has a large set of bolt on terminals to clip onto. I hope this helps, I did extensive testing on mine this year to find out just what lower drill units work and what batterys will work for my needs. Dont forget you can always hook it up to your vehicle battery as well.
  7. Im a big guy and I did alot of research on the Yukon/guide models before I bought. The biggest difference between the 2 is the yukon gives you 5" of width on the tub, 2" extra ice/length, and 10 inches of hieght. I ended up getting the yukon Im 6' and I still cannot stand straight up I have to cock my head a little but it is plenty comfy for 2, A little hard to get 4 8" holes and have room for a sunflower and a vex, but we make it work. After seeing my brother in law get the Voyager model, im kicking myself for not getting that one, looks monsterous compared to mine.
  8. Im looking for the Inside dimension of the collar on the Strikemaster Lazer Adjustable Handle Hand Augers. I have an old Electra auger and I want to get a new lower unit for it. I have tested chippers and shavers and the shavers work much faster on it. Basically my question is can a lower drill unit of a strikemaster adjustable hand auger fit onto the drive shaft of power augers.
  9. Has anyone been out on Devils? Making a trip up there Sat and wondering if the Walleyes and panfish have been biting?
  10. Quote: I believe there is a place in ramsey on hwy 10 that rents shacks, I thought they were a sponsor here last winter. I beleive your talking about Franks RV in Ramsey, he custom builds Ultra Shack Wheel Houses. Extremely nice, friend of mine has had 4 now, all customized to his specs.
  11. Quote: How about 100 plastic worms, 100 jigs or 100 plain hooks. Hooks and jigs could be a problem with schools...just a thought. No knives, sharp objects etc. not to mention fact youd be giving hooks to children. jm2c
  12. Caught this little guy this afternoon at South Center off of pancake island on a lime green teardrop with a green reflective sticker on the back.
  13. EuroLarva I saw them today as well. They are regular waxies that they added the powder to and then shook up. It coated them quite well but I didnt have the guts to get them. They were bright Green, Orange, and Blue. Spooky...Think of the mess on your fingers and the trippy colors in your hole.
  14. The same year my house was broke into, my buddys was also. About 5 days later. He had a 18' ultra shack that he always pulled off if no one was at it, it is a pain to drop it and bank. The one time he leaves it alone, (went to the bar for 4 hours) he came back and saw the door swinging wide open, they got a fl-18, 2 40lb propanes, 2 12 volt batteries, tv with dvd player, aqua-vu camera, generator, an undescribable amount of tackle, and the strikemaster auger. When he turned it into the insurance agency it added up to over $3500 without the cost of the tackle. The agent refused to beleive that fishing "STUFF" could have totaled up to that. He thought they were trying to scam the company, and was going to deny half the claim. But they produced receipts for everything after turning their house upside down looking for them. Everything was replaced in full with the exception of the tackle. Needless to say he learned his lesson.
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