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  1. I believe that is the smallest they sell. They do have another spring bobber but I believe it is for larger jigs and it is read instead of yellow. That is a great set up. My favorite for pannies.
  2. I have a sweetheart and was just looking for something else that would detect light bites. I though the Power Noodle would be a good option for this but maybe just getting the spring bobber would be the way to go after reading Matt's post.
  3. I'm looking at possibly getting a new Thorne Bros rod for panfishing. I have a Sweetheart and would like to get a different type. I know Matt Johnson wrote a little bit about all the different types at some point but I cannot find it for the life of me. Anyone have some insights into the Power Noodle?
  4. I use masking tape to secure the reel to the rod and then cover the masking tape with electrical tape. Works great for me.
  5. Do a search and there are a lot of articles on this subject. Overall they are the best ice rod money can buy in my opinion. Although I have not had the chance to use the Power Noodle I have heard they are great at detecting bites and have a strong back bone. I own the Perch Sweetheart and Panfish Sweetheart and I would highly recommend both.
  6. Does your DNR # stay the same every year?
  7. Iceman12


    Starting 1/1/07, you will need a passport to re-enter the US from an outside country.
  8. Is the ice safe to drive out on? I have heard it is. I will be up on the north end as well. I'll be in a green Otter Cabin, with an Avalanche. If you see me stop on by.
  9. Gotta get out when the wife gives you the free pass, no matter what the weather brings. Where you fishing Mudcat? I see your from Shafer. I'll be on N Center.
  10. Looks like really cold weather and high pressure is moving in this weekend. What are some good techniques to use with this type of weather?
  11. Yes you can. McGurk is right. I bought one from D-Rock earlier this year. They use it once for the Forest Lake Ice Fishing contest then give you $30 off of the original price.
  12. Thanks for the recipe Deitz. Sounds great, I can't wait to try it out.
  13. I have always pan fried my fish but I am wondering on how you broil fish? Could someone please give me some directions on doing that? As far as what you put on the fish while you broil it and how long you would broil it. Thanks
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    Any reports from this weekend for us guys that couldn't get out? Next weekend the ice should be good in the metro to finally get out. I can't wait.
  15. I had good luck last year with shrimpo's and ratso's, made by Custon Jigs & Spin, with that same set up. You can check these lures out on this site. I believe if you go into the store they have them for sale here. Matt Johnson wrote an article on all there products as well. That is in the sponsor forum. Check it out, it is an excellent read.
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