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  1. from what i understand, south of "the line" they must be off by midnight each day.
  2. I don't know if it's sponsored by the site, so I can't post the URL, but there is a deal out there that I believe is called the "auger mate" I know I saw them at Unclaimed Freight in Milaca also, It's basically a rubbermaid tub with a hole in the center, you put that down, drill you hole and it's suppost to catch all the shavings so you can dump them in one shot. I haven't tried it yet myself (i couldn't get the darn things pulled apart in the store) so I don't know how well they work for sure. There might still be some overflow with too much ice too, I don't really know yet. they were $40 at Unclaimed Freight and I believe they were close to $60 online. if you're interested you can shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and I can send you the link.
  3. as far as hand helds, i don't know that there is one with a bigger screen, but the lowrance units are very user friendly.
  4. I got the expedition for the same price as the H20 at Prince Bait. Like stated before however, I do have problems in extreme cold seeing the screen. Other than that I love it. It's nice having the barometer on there... As for color or B+W, like a guide told me last summer when showing me the Vexilar Edge he had on his boat, if you add color, its one more thing to go wrong, and does the color really help you out?? I'd have to say no.
  5. I know one thing, I've seen A LOT OF BIG WALLEYES on Mille Lacs this year. The bite over opener was phenomenal and December to mid-January were excellent too. It's hard for me to say I'm ready for open water because I love the ice, but it just opens the doors for new adventures. With that said, there's still a solid month of hardwater fishing, and the panfish and perch are hungry....
  6. Anyone know any stores around the st cloud area that carries the Holie Angels? I've checked local spots including Prince Bait and they all look at me funny when I ask for them. Like to try some out but don't do the credit card thing so I can't get them online. Any options?
  7. Quote: Quote: please don't give us ice fisherman lectures on how stupid we are. I don't mean to point this directly at you or anyone on this site but I have seen some really strange ideas about what is safe and what isn't. One friend of mine used to go out on the ice wearing floatation. Has anyone on this site ever fallen through the ice while wearing a life vest? Please explain how difficult it is to get back on the surface. Ever sleap on a waterbed where the temperature was set a bit too low? I did once and I was barely able to get out of it the next morning because my joints were so stiff I could barely move. Drop yourself into 30 degree water and you don't have very much time (minutes) before your body begins to stiffen. Getting back on the surface even if you have a means to hang on to the wet and very slippery ice will become about impossible in a few minutes. Falling in with a life jacket on may at least allow rescuers to find your body easier because it will still be on the surface. Even thick ice can be dangerous. I remember one time I was fishing in the spring on 2 feet of ice. I had a habit of drilling a hole half way through the ice to set my auger in. This particular day, when I went back to retrieve my auger I discovered the hole was full of water. The ice was honeycombed and water was permeated through it. Needless to say, I left post haste. I doubt any fisherperson that has fallen in feels today that they knew better. Last year when the ice was still relatively young, the north end of Osakis was over 12" thick for about the first couple hundred yards but out further and one found only about 4". Anyone driving out in a car was a potential victim. Fortuntely I don't recall hearing about anyone dropping in. A few years ago a bombardier from a resort on LATW went through 3' of ice in late January because of a 6' wide fracture that had refrozen and become snow covered over night. The only survivor was the driver from the resort. I wonder if he asks the question, "I know what I'm on, do you?" Of course in this case, there were no warnings. It's arrogant to believe that because warnings are being posted that one would think they know better and are above the warnings. I hope I don't have to be the one to risk my life and fish you out. Try not to take it personally. Maybe, just maybe, someone really cares about your safety. Bob The fact is these media reports are hurting resort business because people think there isn't safe ice anywhere in the state. Are you going to tell me some reporter sitting in an office, who has probably never fished (let alone ice fished) in his life knows better than somebody who's ran a resort on the lake for 20 years? I think not. Thus why I said know what you're fishing on, consult resorts, and drill as you go. I'd be willing to bet stupidity is more the problem of people going through. People who don't check. They see one person out so think they the whole lake is safe. Or, from what I heard about a wheeler going through Isle bay because he was riding around by the bridge, or the one that went in cove because he was unfamiliar with what he was doing and went up by the rocks in 1-3 feet of water where the rocks had absorbed heat and deteriorrated ice. No ice is safe, ever. But with precautions, research, talking to resort owners, and yes, drilling and checking depth as you go, you too can have a safe, fun day on the ice.
  8. Excellent post and I agree 100% I've recieved a few calls this year while ice fishing 9-12 inches of good clear ice from people calling to tell me "the news says" the ice isn't safe anywhere in the state. It's good, in a sense, that they are trying to keep people safe, but I want to meet the reporter that went and checked ice. The reporter that did the research to stake those claims. Not the reporter who saw 40 degree temps and (Contact Us Please)-U-MEd the conditions weren't "safe." There is "safe" ice out there. I've been fishing it for a little over two weeks now and have had some excellent days. Contact resorts, they know what they're talking about. They won't just say its safe to get you there. Also, check for yourself. Drill as you go. It's ok to air on the side of caution, but please don't give us ice fisherman lectures on how stupid we are. I know what I'm fishing on, do you?
  9. Bartels, welcome! You can have two lines in the water per person. Also, main ice fishing attractions include Mille Lacs, Lake of the Woods and Upper Red Lake. On Mille Lacs you'll find Walleyes and JUMBO Perch. There is also some very nice Pike. On Lake of the Woods you'll also again find Walleyes as the headliner, but it is a very productive multi-specie lake. Upper Red Lake has been known for its Crappies, though there is some debate that it is on the decline. However, walleye fishing opened back up this year, and though the bag limit is two, it can produce some excellent fishing. There is also some huge Pike out there. If you have the money, hire a guide. If not, or you just want to do it on you own, research a couple of those lakes, or maybe others could chime in with their picks. Contact some of the resorts on the lake and chat with them, you'll find more than not they are willing to help. A lot of the resorts post fishing reports on their sites too so you'll be informed til the day you leave. And last but not least, view the forums for a particular lake on this HSOforum. You'll find some of the best information right here at fishingmn.com!! There's lots of options up here, and a little grunt work will go a long way. If you have any more ?'s feel free to email me @ [email protected] and I can give you some guide/resort recommendations that might not be sponsors here so I can't post. Good Luck and be sure to check out the other forums on this page!
  10. thanks for the replies guys, definitly interested in one of those.
  11. Quote: The Jiffy one fits my Nils too i ran through their site but only saw one for strikemaster. anyone know where i can find one to fit my jiffy, or will it work for both?
  12. This is turning into a very interesting post, where's all the scientists?!?! Deitz, thanks for taking the time to pass along that information, much appreciated.
  13. Quote: I wonder if this problem is only on the perch series rods, or on all of them? No, mine are both the sunfish series, 27" 1-3 lb test
  14. Quote: I summed it up to a cheap rod bag, it is now sleeping comfortably in a read rig ice pack. I would say the same thing, except I use a JRs Tackle rod bag, and I know it isn't the reason they've done this, especially after I know two other people had the same problem.
  15. Now I know I'm not crazy. I had the exact same thing happen to me. I have 2 Genz Rods (last years gold series) and they both ended up exactly as you described when I pulled them out of my rod bag last week. I figured it was a some kind of fluke, something to do with the way I had them in there?? (even though i've done it the same way for two years and haven't had a problem with my other rods) at least I know I'm not crazy, now I wonder why they do that???
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