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  1. farmfishing


    If not taken I will come to outing.
  2. farmfishing

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Just the one on a rap. The rest on cutbait. What a fight on light tackel!!
  3. farmfishing

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Very Nice fish Guys heres a few from saturday both mississippi and minnesota river.
  4. farmfishing

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Hook and hand!!
  5. farmfishing

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    We practice CPR both fish swam away. Both fish caught on cut bait. We got some smaller flats and some nice channels also. 45.30length 28.75 Girth the other 45.10length 27 girth. I think we are going to try sat night!!
  6. farmfishing

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Thanks minnesnowta
  7. farmfishing

    Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Help got pictures from the weekend how do i get them up on here..
  8. farmfishing

    The "ORIGINAL" Ice Leaders Ice Map?

    It is extreamly handy. Thanks for posting in the past.
  9. farmfishing

    gun question...

    Good gun. Can u hit with it? I like 4s and 2s for ducks. My son uses 2s and 3s in his 20 and has had good luck. Hope this helps. Good luck out there lots of birds moveing around.
  10. farmfishing

    INFO ON A 98 XLT

    We have had no problems with ours been a very reliable sled. I have 9,024 miles have had the carbs adjusted twice other wise slides plug and a belt every few years.
  11. Hunting has been pretty slow in the palisade and aitkin area. Should get better later on.
  12. farmfishing

    Best brand of flourocarbon

    Pline or yozuri my faves.
  13. farmfishing

    It's Over, Move On.

    Every time i think hard water I think Zero bugs.
  14. farmfishing

    2 Lines

    You have always been able to on minn/wis as far back as ican remember.