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  1. jpaulson

    StrikeMaster Auger Give-Away

    I would use this auger in the wheel house and the skid shack. It would also get used helping others punch some holes. Josh from Blaine.
  2. jpaulson

    quickflip III

    I have the green model quickflip 3. I am 6'5 and can stand up just fine. The space and height are my favorite things about the house. There is plenty of room to fish two and have enough extra space to move around. The red model they cut the height down to around 6 feet so its not as roomy. My house fits in my tahoe with the seats down perfectly.
  3. Hi all. I found a good deal on an aluminum 16 foot Ouachita boat and just wanted to know if anyone had any info on the make. I don't have much information on it but I am assuming its from the 60's or 70's. Any information on the quality or performace would be appreciated. Also what paperwork do I need to get from the seller to transfer under my name (my first boat)? Thanks yet again.
  4. jpaulson

    Little League Bat Opinions

    Composite bats are very stiff at first and the more you hit them the more the composite material "breaks in" which allows more flex and therefore more speed and distance off the bat.
  5. jpaulson

    Baitcaster reel help

    One more thing. Sometimes when reeling the line guide seems to not move properly and I am able to push it a small amount to get it to "catch up".
  6. jpaulson

    Little League Bat Opinions

    I agree avoid the cage. The cage balls tend to do more damage.
  7. jpaulson

    Baitcaster reel help

    Hi all, I have a Pflueger reel I am having some problems with. I bought the Purist combo and the reel doesn't seem to be working correctly. When casting on release it seems to be fine but midcast it just dies. I have tried making adjustments (line release not sure the technical term) and it does not change anything. Anybody know what the problem could be? Also does anyone know a good place I could take it to and have it fixed if I am unable to do so. I just started using baitcasters about 2 years ago and have not worked on them before. Thanks in advance.
  8. jpaulson

    Little League Bat Opinions

    If it is anything like their softball bats it will be good. I wouldn't worry too much about temps but be more aware of water logged balls. I have swung my composites in temps as low as the 30's. By 200 or so hits it should be pretty broke in. Try to get him to rotate the bat during bp to get an even break in. In the softball world they are known for making bats that have good pop but some can lack durability so hold on to the receipt just in case something happens. They have excellent customer service as well. Hope this helps.
  9. jpaulson

    Mr Heater Cooker Question

    As far as propane goes: SA on University and 109th fill tanks. Also Little Bighorn is a good place to go and that is further west on 109th/Northdale. There has got to be a few places in Lino or Circle Pines that fill or at least exchange. Holiday and Fleet Farm on Lexington should both have exchanges. If you find yourself heading the way of Flake MotoMart is very reasonable.
  10. jpaulson

    New Orange Otter Ice Houses at FF

    I saw the 2 man in the ad at Fleet Farm at a pretty good price. Anybody know what the 1 man sells for?
  11. jpaulson

    Need a cover..

    I got mine at the warehouse for sportsmen but that was a few years ago. Wouldn't hurt to call.
  12. Where is a good place to check out pole barn tin?
  13. I am having trouble making a decision on what kind of siding to look into for my perm. Vinyl vs. aluminum vs. steel vs. whatever else I don't know what to do! I want durability, lighter weight, and reasonable pricing. What do you guys suggest doing and where to look?
  14. Got the call this morning and as soon as I saw it on caller ID I knew what it was. My wife (actually me since I signed her up) won the grill they were giving away. Its a Traeger Lil' Tex. Now I have to decide what to do with it. Right now we are thinking about selling it but just wanted to get some input from anyone that uses one. We possibly could bring it to the cabin to use since I have a nice Weber at home but we thought it might be overkill. What does everyone think?
  15. jpaulson

    Coleman bass classic 10 ft

    My plan for this rig is taking it on my local area smaller lakes so my priority is finding something for hand hauling like a dolly or cart. I have seen quite a few dollys and carts but not sure about them because of the 50" inch beam. My garage space is pretty limited so a trailer may be out of the question unless I get a folding one.