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  1. Well Hemlock, timmy and I went down there to Knite and Bridges with very good luck caught 5 over 19 inches, timmy also got that 7 inches he was looking for. Thanks for you help see ya soon we will be staying in kenora next week. Maybe we can hookup again like last year.
  2. Hemlock I plan on comming up to oak island area and was wodering where i should fish on the canada side?
  3. BD, I have stopped many times and Hemlock is not around, but when your that busy and own 1/2 the town, there is no way for hemlock to be every where all the time.
  4. JZ

    Arctic Armor

    RedTrucks a guy with your cash shouldn't worry about which color to buy, get both!!
  5. Left the dock with 3 dozen minnows this weekend heading to Canada which is aboat a 3 min boat ride. MNR stoped us a few miles in, checked our licenses, live well and our bait, which was in a zip lock with no water in a cooler. MNR officer said I thought i saw a tail move so they put water in the bag and revived a few. I said they will be dead in five more mins. Plus we hook the minnows through the head that always kills them. He asked me for my drivers license and Kindly gave me the $300 dollar fine. In 15 years I have never had a violation and have been a responsible sportsman. Remember to kill your bait
  6. First things first Every time I have seen this problem It has been one idle jet partially plugged. In 95% of all cases the owner was using Stable or sea foam. A 96 zr pumps alot of oil into the crank case which can make the exhaust looks rich. Don't touch the air screws or main jet, pull the carbs out soak them. Also another check is when you feel the sled is acting up open the choke just alittle if it runs better it's not too rich. Or give me a call which would have been better tan posting anyway.
  7. Reddumptrucks, We have a big buddy heater and it will keep up fine if there is no wind, throw a 10 mph breeze and it hesitates. Wind it the biggest problems -10 and 20mph you'll be cold!!!
  8. Timmy and I Spend winters in Bora Bora we have a few condos there that we keep up so it hard to make it fishing after thanks giving.
  9. Well, we drove up there with the weelers behind thinking there is no snow so we should be good to go. Not the case unfortunately there was not enough ice to support the weight of the weelers. Maybe next year
  10. Tim and I have been on this lake for the last 5 years and know the ice well. By thanksgiving it will be ready. Still wondering if i should use sleds or ATV! Any ideas???
  11. Tim and I plan on driving up to the Angle over Thanksgiving to hit the ice any ideas on where we should go and should we bring sleds or weelers? Any help would be apreciated.
  12. Shorelunch we found the same thing! little jigs with Berkley Gulp in 9-16 FOW. On saterday I think we boated like 45 slab monsters around Smokehouse on the sharp cliffs. Also the walleye fishing is so much better in Morson area than the angle area. I don't think we will will be going back to the angle. Hows the Ice around Morson?
  13. Hemlock Might want to sharpen your fishing skills a bit!Sounds like every time you go out you do poor! In other words you S*%K!
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