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    What speed does everyone run for different presentaions for walleyes? Trolling raps, lindy rigging, spinner rigging, 3 way rigging, lead core?
  2. Brian, what depth range is shallow? 8 to 12 feet of water? We're the shallows adjacent to deep water? Headed there Tomorrow to sunday any info is appreciated. Thanks
  3. The LX 7 is basically the same as a open water sonar with alot of options. The digital read out is not as instantaneous as a flasher due to the processing needed. Nice unit I may say, but I'll stick to a vexilar.
  4. Vexilar is on the top of the market in my opinion
  5. I as well have only owned clams. If I had to choose a brand if they were all the same price I'd go with otter. Clams will get the job done but they aren't as well built as otters. For the money I go with clam. If they were all the same price I'd go otter. Go with a thermal house too or at least one with a thermal top. This prevents condensation and ice from forming
  6. I thought it would be easy tracking with he snow, but only blood I found was 2 small drops where it dropped, other wise nothing.It's sickening. In all the years of hunting, this is the first lost deer for me.
  7. Went in some brush. Couldn't follow up till it was to far. Searched 4 hours with 2 guys. No luck
  8. With that much shock, you think theres a good possibility of it bedding down?
  9. I hit a deer tonight and the thing dropped at 20 yards with a 12 gauge slug it stopped moving for a little while so i thoufht it was dead.Then the deer let a long grunt and started to kick. It then got up and started running dragging its hind legs and then after 25 yards it kept running and look totally fine. I thought it was a good shot but there wasn't much blood just alot of hair. Where do you think I shot it? I backed out and going to look in the morning.
  10. I'm looking to get into bow hunting, and I am wondering what is a good cheaper bow that would get the job done. Like the Remington 870 isn't the top end shotgun but it has a great reputation. I know some of you will say save your money and get a top end bow, well I am not looking for a top end bow, just a good one to kill a deer and shoot around with. So any recommendations? Hoping to spend under 500$
  11. Does any one hunt in (not edges) of Tamarack Swamps? There isn't much food in there but tamarack swamps are excellent cover. Do deer go into these wet super thick tamaracks?
  12. So maybe someone can enlighten me on how the spay de-scent spray works. If you smell the spray it has a small distinct scent to it. So how does it just get rid of 99% of human odor?
  13. I have the GHG shells with those spring stakes and what I do is have a piece of black condoit, cut into a wedge on one side to shove into the mud, then place the spring stake in the condoit then place your decoy on top. You have to figure out what heights to cut your condoit and the down fall is to find that right depth for what you but it, But besides that it works great!
  14. So I was on a lake for the first time with my new 688 and everything worked perfect. But when I would get to 20 feet, there was a big haze near the bottom. Any ideas what this is? The bottom is bear 30 feet here. It only would be where it was 20 or deeper. Thermocline? Improper transducer angle when it gets deeper? Any ideas?
  15. I just purchased a humminbird 688 down imaging combo, and it has a sonar and down imaging split screen stacked on top of each other instead of side by side.Now is there a way to do that with the gps?? You could utilize more screen if you could.
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